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Guia para paladin
Starting from level 8, you leave rook you arrive in your town of choice. My reckomendations are buy the best EQ you can from the money you made in rook. Most importantly a dwarvenshield and an orc axe or better.
Find Yourself a nice troll cave and kill trolls with your axe while collecting spears. When you have a few spears on you (like 5) use them to kill trolls, once yourun out of spears (as you probly will) use the axe again to kill mroe trolls collecting spears.
At about lvl 12 you should have made enough money to buy yourself a plate set, i reckomend you do it.This meathod is very effective, and in my opion the fastest way to lvl a pally while gaining skills at the same time. once youve made youself about 40 distance and are able to make arrows you should putaway your shield and axe and hunt stuff (depending on your lvl) with a bow.
At about lvl 17 you can atempt to run cyc south of thais, but i dont recomend it as if you lag you die >;| and youprobly wont be able to kill them before they go poofy.

Lvl 20 with about 50 Distance is the best time to run cyc. you should be able to kill them fast enough and you should be able to run fast enoughVery Happy
of course there are other options for this lvl like hunting valks and amazons in the venore Zon camp (north) with spears and a shield.
And hunting in the top lvls of SAFE tombs is allwaysgood. Allthough id wait till lvl 25 to hunt dig scarabs as there fast and you start the chase with them at your heals, At about lvl 25 you should have made enough money to buy yourself a crown helmetand noble armor, these are the last armor and helmet i reckomend you buying (unless your world prices are low) as you can do crusader helmet quest at lvl 35 and crown armor at lvl 50.

afterreaching about lvl 30 with about 60 distance is a good time to hunt in fibular. u need a key that costs 1k that you can get from simon the begger at the very south of the city (say help to him i think and...
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