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Week 4: After the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, go to the top locker room on the map, and talk to Regal. 
Week 5: Find Kane, and get challenged to an Inferno Match. 
Week 7: FindCM Punk in the hallways, and talk to him. 
Week 9: Find Jericho in the trainer's room. 
Week 11: Find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 at Superstars. 
WrestleMania: Check the Green Room tochallenge Stone Cold
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erichos rtwm challenge matches
1)week 1: talk to the miz and fight him on superstars
2)royal rumble: find santino the night of the rumble and talk to him, matchthen at superstars
3)week 7: after stealing the wwe title talk to john cena who is looking for cody and ted. it will start a parking lot brawl match
4)week 8: talk to maryse, then find hornswaggle inthe trainers room, then tell maryse where hornswaggle is. you then compete as maryse in a match against beth phoenix
5)week 11: find santino near locker rooms and help him defeat big show
Afterdoing the first 5
6)wrestlemania: find ricky steamboat in the green room and talk to him

Week 2: Backstage Brawl - Randy Orton
Week 3: Backstage Brawl - Kozlov
Royal Rumble: Backstage Brawl -Ziggler
Week 9: Tables Match - Big Show
Week 12: Backstage Brawl - Batista
WrestleMania: Last Man Standing - The Rock
Masked Kane: collect all the lost souls with the urn
Jake "The Snake"Roberts will be part of the storyline, win your match with him
Jimmy Snuka, also part of the story, win the match against him
Paul Bearer - Week 12, knock him out in under 90 seconds in the locker room.Proceed to finish story.

Week 3 - Submission Match - Jericho
Week 4 - 6 Man Tag - Los Conquistadors
Week 6 - Singles Match - R Truth
Week 9 - Singles Match - Bourne vs Orton (talk toOrton in top Locker Room at Elim Chamber to set this up)
Week 10 - Cage - Hurricane (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up before teaming with RVD)
WrestleMania - Extreme Rules - Terry...
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