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good morning my name is Francisco and I'll talk about tigers club
Tigers Football Club at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon Tigres UANL or simply, is a football team that plays in the Primera Division de Mexico based in San Nicolas de los Garza (a municipality in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey), New York , Mexico.
In 1957, a group composed by Mano Palacios Jiménez, CésarM. Saldaña, Manolo Pando, Chamo and Mr. Victor Reyes Lopez founded the Sports Club New York, who was known by the nickname of boars. The basis of that pioneer, was established over Deportivo Anahuac, a team who had just graduated from the Northern League called.
In early 1960, the piglets ceased to exist. Multiple economic problems caused the club was transferred to our institution, which was governedin principle by Jasso and Luis Ernesto Romero Lauro Trevino. The campus was renamed Club Deportivo de Nuevo Leon, AC besides adopting for the first time in history the Tigers nickname and jump to the grassy with blue and gold uniform.
On March 7 the Second Division officially accepted the new name, which the Tigers were ready to brand new face to Monterrey, where he was the first clash of thestory to his rivals, to whom he lost 2-0. Ironically the Monterrey Tigres was step in their quest to reach the maximum circuit, because thanks to this defeat arch-rival Division II champion and reached the dream of becoming a First. For two full seasons and two partial level kept the Tigers in the second division competition. Perhaps the crowning achievement was during that first cat was asecond-round progress made in the 1962-63 season, which were eliminated by the Lake with a 3-2 overall result.
During that season, the shadow of the economic problems reappeared and again the growth of the franchise was affected. So, President Ernesto Romero Jasso decided to return the franchise to the Sports Club Nuevo Leon. On September 21, 1962 signed the documents legalized boars Tigers return ofNuevo Leon, which were managed by a group of characters linked to the life led by Alejandro Belden industrial, Lorenzo Milmo, Sergio Salinas, Sergio Belden, Lauro González and Francisco Luis Barrenechea. Four days later, he made the official announcement of the new change.
In 1967, after a series of agreements, more mergers and transformations, cat's claw is present on stage again Mexicanprofessional football, the re-entry into the Second Division. Again, the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, was the entity that sponsored the welcome pack of big cats and this time, to stay forever.
The College Board decided to establish the University Sports Club as a civil association, which also concluded the construction of University Stadium, which opened on May 30, 1967.
New and current TigersU.A.N.L. played for the first time on July 13, 1967 at the new University Stadium. Jose de Jesus "Triqui" Morales made history in comparison to that mark not only the first but the second goal from a tie with the club two Orizaba.
A franchise with the support of the U.A.N.L. finally able to settle in Mexican football.
[Edit] It was 1960
The Tigers' first game was July 13, 1967 night at UniversityStadium, where Joseph of Jesus "Triqui" Morales scored the first goal of his team and another 2-2 draw against the Orizaba. The first line of this new era was: Gerardo "Pájara" Palacios, Jorge Urdiales, Zamarrón Miguel, Eduardo Humberto Cabañas and Terron, Jesus Morales and Romulo Ruiz, Jesus Rodriguez (José Mauro Torres, in turn replaced by Jose Guadalupe Pina ), Jose de Jesus "Triqui" Morales,Juan Roberto Medina and Juan Alvarado. Your technician was Augusto Arrasco. In the 67-68 season for the Tigers miracle saved from falling to the Third Division. Those were times of anxiety for the university squad, not only in the sporting aspect but also economically. Adversity seemed to haunt the team, got used to playing almost always wet ground or in the rain, with inflows of 50 people in...
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