Tim burton's vincent. selective/extensive listening activity

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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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This activity is for intermediate level listeners due to the length and nature of the audio (a poem) and the English used in it. Though it is a poem, the vocabulary is accessible. The activity isdivided in three Sections. Section A consists of questions that the Ss must answer (selective). The answers to these questions are explicit in the audio. On section B, Ss complete sentences accordinginformation also explicitly given in the audio (selective). Section C consists of only one instruction; Ss have to write a micro-review of the poem (extensive). This activity is interesting because itinvites the Ss to extract specific information from an entertaining audio, plus, they must pay attention to the whole audio to be able to write a very brief overview of the text. Some might say theactivity is quite simple and predictable. Nevertheless, the type of material the Ss have to listen to and the activities they are asked to do make the exercise quite a good training for, say, academicpurposes.
1. The teacher gives the Ss the activity-worksheet and explains them that they are going to listen to a Tim Burton’s poem called Vincent to practice listing. The Teacher gives abriefing of the poem.
2. The teacher instructs the Ss to read the worksheet along with him. The teacher explains the worksheet and how to work with it. The teacher asks the Ss to silently read theworksheet one more time.
3. The teacher plays the audio twice. Ss answer the worksheet.
4. The teacher elicits the Ss the answers to the activities in the worksheet. Ss communicate their answers orallyto the rest of the classroom. The teacher asks the Ss if they all agree with the answer given. If not, they discuss and agree on one answer. This goes until all answers are reviewed.
VariationsThe teacher can present a set of pictures to make Ss order them according to the timeline of the poem. Also, a debate whether the main character, Vincent, dies or not at the end of the poem would...