Tim burton

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Tim Burton
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We were interested this character because it teaches us about a world of fantasies little known, which presents animations of terror that does not adopt a personality terrifying in all cases, but that of the daily lives of many of us, or dreams that we intrigue known.
Many of the films that creates this famous director are aimed at children or adultsin which revived a childhood, to possess stories of stories and cartoons.

We could characterize initially as a director little unusual, sometimes called insane to live within their dreams mystics, but that certainly birth intrigue in all of us, because many of their films have had great success and good critical probably works known as "The men hands scissors" or "Big fish" which carried ourfeelings to develop the maximum due to the little unusual items recounted.

We believe that this director was of great importance to our society today, because of the daring acquired in presenting something entirely new, the courage to make known problematic that unite our children with our present, using ideas as simple as the characters in old tales, giants, magic, etc. .
Yarn to feelings ofgreat weight, as the family and love.

This leads us to promote the new things and not to fear of them, teaches us about courage really do not forget that our purpose is to give to learn more about this mysterious character, which took to be recognized by the public as well as many other great artists. Why is that? Now we know.

What we drew the attention of Burton is that it has a unique stylethat can develop with ease, it is interesting because it is unusual and merges things totally opposed as the terror and the feeling of happiness or achievement, that if we realize his drawings are monsters or people who do not show feelings joyful as a whole but finally achieved be happy.

Tim Burton is a Director, screenwriter and producer, is one of the authors most original of currentHollywood, creating a universe own marked by the liar, recycling cultural and a boundless imagination of great mark visual with personal stories, is one of the authors most original of Hollywood, Creating own universe marked by the liar, recycling cultural and a boundless imagination of great mark visual with personal stories, many of them dampened in black humor and integrated by antiheros.

Sincechild the world of small Burton is nourished of comics and old horror movies and fantasy, among them the kids by his great idol, Vincent Price. Developed in his youth a great talent for drawing, studying animation in the Art Institute of California from 1979. In 1982 he ran its short "Vincent" (1982), a title in six minutes with appearance expressionist and animation stop-motion in which appeared asnarrator himself Vincent Price.

That same year adapted for television stories Aladdin and the lamp wonderful and Hansel and Gretel for television in the series "The tales of the stars". In 1984, appeared again in the Disney, one of its short more remembered, "Frankenweenie" (1984), a history of black humor that narrating in black and white the history of a young man named Victor, who, afterlosing her dog in a traffic accident, decides to revive style of Frankenstein.
"The great adventure of Pee-Wee" (1985) would become the first feature directed by Tim Burton.

"Bitelchus" (1988) what emparejó for the first time with actor Michael Keaton in the leading role. It was a comedy fantasy with touches of black humor that had the co-ownership of Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis.

Thanks thesuccess of this film Tim Burton left the anonymity and began to be considered by its undoubted ability to build unique stories.
The next decade beginning with one of his best works and one of its work more personal, "Eduardo Manostijeras" (1990), a tale of the marvelous endowed with great beauty and sensitivity, which met many of the constant aesthetic and cultural rights of its author.
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