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Write a biography & explain what i like the most about a family member, an actor,actress or any other personality..In this case i chose a famous filmaker: Tim Burton.

First of all i figured it out for the info related with Tim Burton.
I chose which i considered the most important info about his bio.
Istarted the report.

Timothy William Burton (Tim Burton) was born in Burbank California on August 25 1958.
American director & producer, he is one of the most original authors in Hollywood, creating his own universe, well-known of mythomany, cultural recycle & a lot of imagination provided of amazing characters & stories; many of them with a little bit of black humor,anti-heroism & fatalism making an easy conection with Tim assuming them as their "alter ego".
Tim is son of saleswoman Jean Burton & baseball player Bill Burton, since he was a child, Burton used to read comic books & watch old classic horror movies & fantasy movies, many of those movies were starring by his big idol "Vincent Price" & also Tim used to enjoy reading Edgar Allan Poe´s tales.
Burtondeveloped his great talent during his youth & having a great talent drawing & studying animation in the Art Institute of California in 1979.
Disney Studios gave Burton an schoolarship & then they hired him in early 1980´s as an animation producer.
In 1982 he filmed his first short film "The stalk of the celery monster" & the second one in 1982 called "Vincent" a six minutes expresionist &stop-motion animation, whose main character was the one and only Vincent Price.

That year Tim did an adaption of "Aladin´s magic lamp" & Hansel & Gretel fot television.
In 1984 one of his all-time most remembered short films "Frankenweenie" was shown on Disney Studios, a story of black humor that shows in black & white the plot of a young man called Victor who after lost his dog in a trafficaccident, Victor decided to re-animate his dog in a very Frankestein way.
"The Great Pee Wee´s Adventure" (1985), became his first long duration movie.
In 1988 "Beetlejuice", allowed Burton to meet Meet actor Michael Keaton in his main character, fully of black humor & co-starring by Alec Baldwin & Geena Davis, thanks to the success of Beetlejuice, Tim Burton got out of anonymous & started to berecognized by his creative skills to create singular stories.
In 1989, Burton release "Batman" & became his blokbuster, because of the gothic atmosphere, that year Burton got married with the painter Lna Gieseke, but in 1992.
he tnext decade would begun with one of his most famous movies, "Edward scissors hands" (1990), a fantastic taled full of beauty & senses, that mix many oh the aesteticconstants from the author. Edward sissor hands was starring by Johny Deep (an usual actor in his films).
After re-take the adventures of "Batman returns" (1992) and create along with Chris Buck, the animated cartoons serie "Family dog" (1992) and produce & write "The nightmare before chrismas" (1993), Ed Wood (1994) one of his superb film works & an affective bio about the all-time consideredworst movie director ever, but that movie would get two Oscar awards, one because of best make-up and the other one to Martin Landau as the best actor as Bela Lugosi.
In 1996 Tim along Henry Selick produces "James & the giant peach" and right after he started to film "Mars attack" a 1950´s comedy sci-fi B-movie.
Sleepy Hollow in 1999 bacame his last film during the XX century, a film thatshows a story by Washington Irving about a headless ghost horse rider that horrifies in a small XVIII century village.
2001 "The plane of ape" turned out a dissapointed film, but in 2003 2Big fish" Tim continued his path of adaptations to the movies now with the text of Daniel Wallace and the next one was "Charlie & the chocolate factory" from the text of Roald Dahl, a remake from the 1970´s....
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