Time management

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The chapter I choose to present this morning is the Art of Planning, Prioritizing and Scheduling one’s time for the purpose of Generating more effective workand productivity. Well, not just an art is more a DISCIPLINE of being in time to do our obligations: and what we need for that is TIME MANAGEMENT, why? I already said Generating more effective work andproductivity. Is getting more value out of your time and using it to improve the quality of your life. To become a punctual person above all we must realize that every person, event, meeting, job,appointments or other activity have a particular grade of importance.
Punctuality is a great way to make a positive personal impact. But, ¿How can we manage time and be Punctual?, There are variety ofprospecting tools; however, I would like to lay down the most basic tips to have a GOOD Time Management.
A. Describe the Management theme: 4 tips to do a good time management

Set objectives and goals
Don't try to hold everything in your head. Make a list of objectives to accomplish. All the experts say that most productive minutes of the day arethose who devote to the planning. 20 minutes a day of planning can help you save an hour. Try to organize yourself using either a plain old fashioned diary, notes, or a software product that allows youto schedule events and targets. Whether it is goal setting software, graphic organizers or plain old pen and paper, maintaining an organized way of seeing what is required and by when, will help you towork towards your targets.

2) Prioritization
Setting priorities
Comparison of the relative worth of activities. It is fundamental to identify those tasks that really haveto be completed urgently, those that are reasonably important, and those that could wait if necessary. Either use color coding, or divide the list up into groups, or use an 'A', 'B', 'C' coding to...
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