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TWC Products - Cable, HSD, & Digital Phone (Dec 4 2009)
Here at TWC we offer many different products. We try to package our products to offer our customers to most value for their money. To understand our packages we will begin with our products. Here at TWC we offer:
• Cable TV
• High Definition TV
• High Speed Data
• Digital Video Recorders
• Digital Phone
Each one of our tiersof service or lines of business (LOB’s) are stand alone You can order Home Phone, Internet or Cable alone or you can package them for savings and convenience into double or triple play packages. To help you understand our products we are going to begin with reviewing each of the above. So let’s begin!
Cable TV (Video Services)
We have all heard of cable TV however you now need to learn about thedifferent tiers of cable TV that we offer. We offer the following tiers of cable programming:
• Basic
• Standard
• Digital (DTV)
• Family Choice
• Premiums & Premiums on Demand (POD)
• IN DEMAND & Movies on Demand (MOD)
• High Definition Programming (HDTV)

With each new level of service we add more programming options to our customers and more value. It is important to rememberthat these tiers of service are arranged in order from least to most. That means in order for a customer to have our DTV tier of service they will need to also have Basic and Standard.
The Analog Tier of Service
The Basic Tier
• Basic is the minimum level of service that at TWC offers to our customers.
• Customers will be able to view network channels such as CBS (chan. 2),NBC (chan. 4), FOX (chan. 5), ABC (chan. 7), UPN (chan.9), and WPIX (chan. 11). In addition to these broadcast channels customers will also be able to view Leased, Public, and Municipal channels.
• Approx 45 network channels are available. (Some of these are also available in HD on a separate HD channel)
• We do guarantee our service- we ensure quality picture & sound with ourservices
• Basic channels are blue within our iNet channel Line-up.
• Customers can receive basic service with or without a converter (cable box). (Basic service Via Direct Hook up is available in all franchise areas)
• The basic channel line up can be accessed with an antenna or without a cable box through Direct Hook up in all franchise areas, however with antenna the pictureand sound is not guaranteed. Direct Hook up is the cable line connected to the TV not a cable box.
• Approx $15.00-$19.00 per month without equipment.(depending on which area the cx lives)
• Converter cost $8.75, Remote cost $0.25 = $9.00 for Converter and Remote
• Cx can subscribe to premium channels if they’d like
• No PPV/MOD, No Interactive Program Guide (IPG)• Installations: Customer will pay $40.95 installation fee if the house has never had service before (not wired/never connected) or if the house has had service before (wired, disconnected)

The Standard Tier
• The next tier of service is Standard.
• To order Standard customers must have basic. It is an analog service till 2009.
• When you add thestandard tier of service to a customers account with Basic they will now enjoy the 45 BASIC tier channels and approximately 45 STANDARD network cable channels. (Some of these are also available in HD on a separate HD channel) ( Total 90 channels)
• It is important to remember that when customers add standard to their programming package they are adding more value.
• Standard offersNetwork channels such as CNN A&E TLC Nickelodeon and Comedy Center.
• Most Basic and Standard channels are located below channel 100 in all franchise areas.
• Standard is only available with a converter/cable box in the Manhattan/ Brooklyn / Queens area.
• Standard is approx $43.00-$48.00 per month. .(depending on which area the cx lives)
• Converter cost...
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