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Typical Team and Group Roles- Team member play different roles when they work together in groups these roles can be grouped into three categories. Task roles, relationship roles anddysfunctional roles.

Group task roles
Group members who work together to reach their goals. You can become a better group member if you follow these task roles.
• Initiator-Defines problems, set rules and contribute ideas
• Information giver/information giver- Ask for important information
• Opinion giver/opinion seeker- Ask for and offers opinion
•Direction giver- Tell how to do the task
• Summarizer- synthesizing point of agreement and the group’s process.
• Diagnoser- Tells what is needed to reach the goal.
• Energizer- stimulatesmembers to stay on the task.
• Gatekeeper- controls participants of the group.
• Reality tester- compares the group’s idea with the real world.

Group relationship roles
Membersof the group function as if they were in a relationship; if they are compatible the job gets done faster and more effectively.
• Participation encourager- seeks to involve silentmembers.
• Harmonizer/ tension reliever- resolves differences and reduces tension.
• Evaluator of emotional climate- reflects the feeling of the groups.
• Praise giver- Encourager asupportive climate.
• Empathic listener- shows interest by listening without interrupting.

Dysfunctional Group Roles
Group members disrupt the group and the work that is been done byfollowing these roles.
• Blocker- Constantly put down the ideas and suggestion others.
• Attacker- Insults, criticizes, and aggresses against other.
• Recognition- Waste thegroup’s time with messages unnecessary recounting.
• Joker- Distracts the group with excessive joke-telling
• Withdrawer- Participates very little or not at all and refuses offer opinions.
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