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Learning styles

Your learning style may be the single most important key to improving your grades.
Students learn in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand. But formost students, one of these methods stands out.
Why is this important? Research has shown that students can perform better on tests if they change study habits to fit their own personal learningstyles.
For example, visual-learning students will sometimes struggle during essay exams, because they can't recall test material that was "heard" in a lecture.
However, if the visual learner uses avisual aid when studying, like a colorful outline of test materials, he or she may retain more information. For this type of learner, visual tools improve the ability to recall information morecompletely.
A simple explanation of learning styles is this: Some students remember best materials they've seen; some remember things they've heard, while others remember things they've experienced.

VisualLearner Characteristics

Visual learners are those who learn through seeing things. Look over the characteristics below to see if they sound familiar. A visual learner:

* Is good at spellingbut forgets names.
* Needs quiet study time.
* Has to think awhile before understanding lecture.
* Is good at spelling.
* Likes colors & fashion.
* Dreams in color.
*Understands/likes charts.
* Is good with sign language.

Learning styles

Learning Suggestions for Visual Learners

* Draw a map of events in history or draw scientific process.
* Makeoutlines of everything!
* Copy what's on the board.
* Ask the teacher to diagram.
* Diagram sentences!
* Take notes, make lists.
* Watch videos.
* Color code words, researchnotes.
* Outline reading.
* Use flashcards.
* Use highlighters, circle words, underline.

Auditory Learner Characteristics

Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing...
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