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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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Vegetables cut.

* Court of canes. It is a question as a cut of some 6a 5 mm of width per 6 mm of length.

* Court brunoise. Treats itself about a cutof small buckets of 2 mm of length.

* Court Chiffonade. Is in use for cutting vegetables of leaves consists of coiling several leaves and of cutting them of transverse form with a thickness ofsome 5mm.

* Court concasse. Treats itself about a cut in buckets of different size generally the bare tomatoes are cut this way and without seed.

* Court of window box. It is a question ofcutting the vegetables in strips of 4 mm. Of width, 4 mm. Of thickness and 4 cm of length.

* Court Juliana. Treats himself about a cut of the thickness of phosphorus (2mm. Of width for 2 mm. Ofthickness) and a not major length of 6 mm.

* Court Macedonia. Tries to cut the vegetables in buckets of 5 mm. Of side, using generally to realize named also this way the mixture that diferentvegetables or cut fruits hereby.

* Court matignon. Is a combination of courts.

* Court mirepoix. treats itself about courts of 1.5 cm about side approximately one uses generally invegetables that then will attacked in oil or clarified lard, to soft fire.

* Court noissette. Tries to realize a round form as small little bolls and is achieved by the utilization of teaspoon forpotato.

* Court olivette. is equal to the turned one but of a very low size-

* Court faisano. Tries to cut the vegetables in buckets of 1 cm. For 1 mm. Of thickness.

* Court inpearls. Without small spheres that we obtain using a spoon I number 10 or 12.

* Court in tracks. It is realized of different thicknesses generally he gets used of realizing them of 2 mm. Of thickness,that we will name the Spanish woman.

* Court sifflets. Tries to cut the vegetables in oblique tracks.

* Court Vichy. Tries to cut tracks of 20 mm. Of thickness smooth or grooved....
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