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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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College of technology and scientific studies Mexico State
CAMPUS: Ecatepec 1
NAME: Zarate Espinoza Ruben
CONTROL NUMBER: 10415082030702
SPECIALTY: Technician Management
GROUP: 507
English "5"
TASK TITLE: A Roof for My Country

Rating: _____ Ecatepec de Morelos white ground Cologne August 30, 2012
ROOF is aLatin American nonprofit organization, led by young people from different Countries in Latin America, Which is dedicated to Promoting awareness among people under thirty years Regarding how importantit Is that the needy have a home. Placed on Special emphasis is (or shacks) in slums to Improve Their Quality of Life and conducts social empowerment programs. To date more than report having builthomes 78.000 emergency and have more than 400.000 volunteers.
Youth building a Latin America without poverty
The ROOF is through social work development project That Starts with emergency housing,According to the stage of social empowerment in the running of health plans, education, productive development and legal advice in Communities, Until you reach the last stage of the project, SustainableCommunity , In Which supports families in managing definitive solutions to allow the construction of new settlements integrated into social networks, social capital and community Maintaining acquiredreflection of the degree of self-sustaining development.

The ultimate goal of ROOF Is That All Those who live in extreme poverty to allow them access Opportunities That to opt for a better qualityof life.
All steps That make up the project are Implemented together, Including volunteers, Families, Communities, Businesses and government, under the principle of non-welfare participation.
LatinAmerica is not a poor continent, a continent is uneven. Our Commitment is to meet this challenge by taking advantage of Opportunities We have had to put them at the service of others. There are over...
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