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Type of school
In Ecuador there are two types of schools are private and public, the two are considered of good quality and the only thing that separates them is the difference or the payment ofmoney.
In the public schools in recent years for free education for all, everyone has the right to study is so even in the most remote in the case of rural village schools because they are still incommunities and worried about their crops that can be far from the school. But what matters is the desire that one has to overcome, achieve their goals and objectives in life.
The government is payingfor studies of more than 50% of the population, is responsible for manufacture and delivery and provide free books for all students to resources, besides also is responsible for improving the qualityof teachers, I think to improve education by improving the whole country and abandon the so-called underdevelopment.
On the other hand do not mean that private education is better, they have moreresources, more technology, more workplace, what does not happen with the public and so many more things that one way or another improve the ability to learn in private schools take the time to teacheach student, so that each knows exactly what this school now and not worry about time.



What types of schools are there?
There are two types of schools are the public and private.

What is the difference between private schools andpublic school?
In a private school you have to pay a pension, while the non-public school.

Who is responsible for public school?
The government is responsible for managing the public schools providedresources for education.

What is private school who is not a public school?
A private school has more resources, technology, work and personalized education.

Do you consider private school...
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