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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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My favourite movie is Titanic, the film tells a love story that happens in the first and last Titanic trip. A young poor artist called Jack Dawson wins in a card game two third-class tickets in theTitanic, the biggest and safer transatlantic built until then, for him and his friend Fabrizio, and up to the ship to travel to the United States. In the ship he meets a young woman called Rose DeWitt,from a wealthy family who, forced by his mother Ruth, is going to marry with Caledon Hockley, a rich man that she doesn’t like. He meets Rose for the first time when he is walking on the deck of theship at night, and he sees a woman trying to jump into the sea at the ship’s bow. Rose was trying to commit suicide by jumping overboard, and Jack tries to convince her that not to do so, but when hedo that, she slips and almost falls into the sea, he finally rescues her, but alarmed by the screams some crew members thought he was abusing her and arrested him. After that Rose justifies theirbehaviour with a lie and they invite him to share dinner with them at first class and tell his feat. They have a good time at dinner even though some try to mock him for his poverty and after that theywent to the third-class for a party where they drink beer and dance a lot.
Rose takes Jack to his cabin and asked to paint her wearing only the "Heart of the Sea" an expensive necklace,which is Cal’s engagement gift. They are discovered by Cal Butler, who chases them so they down to the ship’s hold and hide in a car, where they make love. When they go up on deck they see how the shiphits an iceberg that damages it. Meanwhile, Cal discovers the drawing that Jack did to Rose, and decides to take revenge accusing him of stealing the "Heart of the Sea". The police boat stops him andhandcuffs him to a pipe.

Cal gets Rose to believe that Jack stole the necklace, and takes her to board in one of the lifeboats, but Rose realizes that Jack is in danger of drowning and...