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Why is it so hard to see icebergs this night?
Because it was difficult see icebergs on a calm, clear, moonless and it was moonlessnight like with no wind to kick up white surf around them.
Why was the Titanic doomed to sink?
Because the Titanic´s hull was divided into anumbers of watertight compartments, when it crash the water pouring into the first five compartments and the water filled them, it would spill over intothe next compartments then and the ship eventually sink.
Why did the people in the bottom of the ship react differently to the collision thenpassengers on other decks?
Because they felt when The Titanic crashed with icebergs and the first compartments fill water.
Why did the captain say, “Nowit´s every man for himself”?
Cause: The captain felt fear with despair and they didn´t know anything to respond and he knew that there aren´t sufficientlifeboat.
Effect: The captain gave his final command.
1- What I know about the Titanic?
The Titanic had different kindcompartments that it used according social class and Titanic had traveled poor and rich people.
2- What I want to know?
I want to know more specificstories about the passage but I would like to known about third class or poor people. Other thing that I want to know is how and where the Titanic hadwater to drink.
3- What I learned?
I learned that the food depend the social class in the Titanic and it had the best technology in these years.
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