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I.- Complete de sentences with the appropriate personal pronoun.

1.- Im am a student.
2.- it is the new computer.
3.- That´s Mr. Brown. he is the manager.
4.- Joe and I are classmates. we are in the group.
5.- Shakira is a singer. she is a very popular singer.
6.- Ronaldo and “Chicharito” they are football player. are famous.
7.- you are theplanets.

II.- Fill in the blank with: am, is or are. Then write the sentences using the
short form of the verb.

1.- Mike is John´s brother. He is my friend.
mike is jonh's brother and my friend

2.- Mrs. Scott´s children are from Canada. They are Canadian.
Mrs. Scott's children are from canada and canadian.

3.- Rob is a photographer. He is very creative.
Rob is aphotographer and very crative

4.- This is my new cellular. It is slight.
This is my new cellular and slight.

5.- Thoser are my books. They are on my desk.
Thoser are my books and on my desk.

III.- A) Write the following cardinal number

13. thirteenth 80. eightieth

72.- seventieth - second93. ninetieth third

18.- eighteenth 33. thirtieth third

55. fiftieth fifth 88.- eightieth eighth

20. twentieth 16. sixteenth

B) Write the corresponding ordinal number to each cardinal number as in the example.EXAMPLE: 6 SIX SIXTH

1. One - fist 33. thirty tree - thirtieth third 12. twelve - twelfth 75. seventy five - seventieth fifth
61. sixty one - sixtieth first 9.nine - ninth
10 ten - tenth 54. fifty four - fiftieth fourth
8. eight - eighth 26. twenty six - twentieth sixth

C) Write the numbers using words.

1.- The number of words in your name 6

2.- The number of members in your family. 5

3.- The number of classrooms in your school. 27

4.- The numberof states in Mexico. 31

5.- The first two numbers of your telephone. 80

IV.- Write about yourself as in the exercise of page 13 of your text.

My first name is : Alexia
last name: Morin
Age: 16
Adress: 1257 Olmo street , recidencially ebanos
city: Apodaca
State: Nuevo Leon
Telephone number: 8111702191

V.- Change to the negative the following sentences ( using personalpronouns)

1.- Ronaldo is from Brazil. ( Mexico )
Ronaldo isn't from mexico

2.- Iam a student. ( architect)
I'm not a architect

3.- My cousin is thirteen. ( seventeen )
My cousin isn't seventeen

4.- Mr. Douglas and Mr. Smith are salesmen. ( firemen)
Mr. Douglas and Mr. Smith aren't firemen

5.- Lady Gaga and Madonna are singers.( {painters)
Lady Gaga and Madonna aren't painters

6.- My dog´s name is “Coky” ( Blacky )
My dog's name isn't "Blacky"

7.- Mary is my father´s sister. ( aunt )
Mary isn't my father's aunt

8.- Robert is a handsome boy. ( pretty )
Robert isn't a handsome pretty

9.- My grandparents are old. ( young)
My grandparents aren't young

10.- Mars and Jupiter are planets. (satellites )Mars and Jupiter aren't satellites

VI.- Copy the text “ The Spanish Royal Family” from page 21 of your text and
translate it into Spanish.

Your copy (TITLE)King Juan Carlos I is king of spain.His wife is queen Sofia.
They have three children,princess Elena, princess Christina, and Prince Felipe, and seven granchildren.Prince Felipe is the next in line to become King of Spain....
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