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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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The Way of the Hippy
"To be a hippie you must believe in peace as the way to resolve differences among peoples, ideologies and religions. The way to peace is through love and tolerance. Loving meansaccepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging them based on appearances. This is the core of the hippie philosophy."
Sex, Love & Hippies
"The concept ofFree Love as expressed by hippies meant you were free to love whomever you pleased, whenever you pleased, however you pleased. This encouraged spontaneous sexual activity and experimentation. Group sex,public sex, sex with minors, homosexuality, all the taboos went out the window. This doesn't mean that straight sex, between two adults, or monogamy was unknown, quite the contrary. Nevertheless, theopen relationship became an accepted part of the hippy lifestyle. This meant that you might have a primary relationship with one person, but if another attracted you, you could explore thatrelationship without rancor or jealousy."
Hippies and Drugs
"In the 1960s the hippies, en masse, undertook the largest uncontrolled experiment with drug use in the history of mankind. In those days it wasn'tunusual to be handed a pill, and swallow it with the only instruction "You'll dig it, it's groovy." You trusted your fellow hippy and you wanted to get high and have a new experience. This wasfreedom. This was rebellion. This was cool. We discovered that Pandora's stash box was full of drugs!"
Hippy Fashions & Lifestyles
"The Broadway musical "Hair!" was noted not only for it's wonderfulmusic, but for the big nude scene. Going naked is one of the great freedoms that hippies discovered. Feeling the air and water on your exposed skin is both thrilling and invigorating. Puritan values andmodesty be damned! Hippies weren't about to compromise. Nude beaches, nude sunbathing and swimming, nudist colonies, all proliferated thanks to hippies. Nudism puts us closer to nature. It erases our...
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