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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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EGSM900 Full band, Dual Duplex, Single TMA

1 Application
The TYCC TY-EGSM900 Single TMA is a full EGSM900 band Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA). The deployment of the smallsize, weight TMA System will provide enhanced coverage and improved up-link signal quality. Appropriate for new rollouts by optimizing coverage with a reduced number of BTSs or as an upgrade to existingBTSs for enhancing the existing coverage. Full Band TMA facilitates simplified logistics, especially when the frequency bands are scattered. The unit comprises of high performance filters, dualbalanced high linearity low noise amplifiers with circuits for active bias, supervision, alarms and lightning protection circuit. The TYCC TMA design with all active components integrated within the filterbody provides an extremely reliable, compact and lightweight TMA solution. The vented enclosure design is employed to prevent the effect of condensation, thereby guaranteeing long, reliable,maintenance-free service in all environmental conditions. These TMAs offer an easy to install, maintenance free, cost effective solution for coverage enhancement and increased quality in mobile communicationnetworks.

Figure 1 TY-EGSM900-12-CWA Single TMA

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EGSM900 Full band, Dual Duplex, Single TMA



2.1 Compact, low weight, Duplex and fullEGSM900 band. 2.2 Very low noise figure design contributes much to improve Base Station receiving sensitivity, expanding the
existing coverage.

2.3 Amplify uplink receiving signal level, compensatethe RF cable loss and improve weak signal coverage. 2.4 Increase successful call rates, reduce dropped calls, maximize data transmission rate, improve call quality and
therefore extend handset...
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