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I am in school.He is a tall boy.We are in yard.She is my sister.We are brothers.I am in Canada.You are Guatemalan.They are sisters.We are alone.They are behind.He is outside.She is my aunt.It is very wet.We are happy.You are my nephew.They are sad.I am her sister.You are a patient.He is an actress.She is in the hospital.They are upsetYouare hungry.He is the chief.The cow is eating.You are going to pass.You are hungry.He is kissing me.We are going to paint.She is in the hospital.You are writing a letter.The duck is going to swim.I am her sister.They are ironing.He is going to sit.It is wet.He is drinking soda.I am phoning her.She is my aunt.They are going to ask.You are traveling too.It is going to come out.I am in school.I amgoing to Spain.We are adding numbers.You are Guatemalan.I am going to add. | I am not in school.He isn’t a tall boy.We aren’t in yard.She isn’t my sister.We aren’t brothers.I am not in Canada.You aren’t Guatemalan.They aren’t sisters.We aren’t alone.They aren’t behind.He isn’t outside.She isn’t my aunt.It isn’t very wet.We aren’t happy.You aren’t my nephew.They aren’t sad.I am not her sister.Youaren’t a patient.He isn’t an actress.She isn’t in the hospital.They aren’t upsetYou aren’t hungry.He isn’t the chief.The cow isn’t eating.You aren’t going to pass.You aren’t hungry.He isn’t kissing me.We aren’t going to paint.She isn’t in the hospital.You aren’t writing a letter.The duck isn’t going to swim.I am not her sister.They aren’t ironing.He isn’t going to sit.It isn’t wet.He isn’t drinkingsoda.I am not phoning her.She isn’t my aunt.They aren’t going to ask.You aren’t traveling too.It isn’t going to come out.I am not in school.I am not going to Spain.We aren’t adding numbers.You aren’t Guatemalan.I am not going to add. | Am I in school?Is he a tall boy?Are we in yard?Is she my sister?Are we brothers?Am I in Canada?Are you Guatemalan?Are they sisters?Are we alone?Are they behind?Is heoutside?Is she my aunt?Is it very wet?Are we happy?Are you my nephew?Are they sad?Am I her sister?Are you a patient?Is he an actress?Is she in the hospital?Are they upset?Are you hungry?Is he the chief?Is The cow eating?Are you going to pass?Are you hungry?Is he kissing me?Are we going to paint?Is she in the hospital?Are you writing a letter?Is the duck going to swim?Am I her sister?Aretheyironing?Is he going to sit?Is it wet?Is he drinking soda?Am I phoning her?Is she my aunt?Are they going to ask?Are you traveling too?Is it going to come out?Am I in school?Am I going to Spain?Are we adding numbers?Are you Guatemalan?Am I going to add? |

I was in school.He was a tall boy.We were in yard.She was my sister.We were brothers.I was inCanada.You were Guatemalan.They were sisters.We were alone.They were behind.He was outside.She was my aunt.It was very wet.We were happy.You were my nephew.They were sad.I was her sister.You were a patient.He was an actress.She was in the hospital.They were upsetYou were hungry.He was the chief.The cow was eating.You were going to pass.You were hungry.He was kissing me.We were going to paint.She wasin the hospital.You were writing a letter.The duck was going to swim.I was her sister.They were ironing.He was going to sit.It was wet.He was drinking soda.I was phoning her.She was my aunt.They were going to ask.You were traveling too.It was going to come out.I was in school.I was going to Spain.We were adding numbers.You were Guatemalan.I was going to add. | I wasn’t in school.He wasn’t a tallboy.We weren’t in yard.She wasn’t my sister.We weren’t brothers.I wasn’t in Canada.You weren’t Guatemalan.They weren’t sisters.We weren’t alone.They weren’t behind.He wasn’t outside.She wasn’t my aunt.It wasn’t very wet.We weren’t happy.You weren’t my nephew.They weren’t sad.I wasn’t her sister.You weren’t a patient.He wasn’t an actress.She wasn’t in the hospital.They weren’t upsetYou weren’t...
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