To kill a mockingbird

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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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In Harpers Lee’s classic novel To kill a Mockingbird published in 1960 the Finch children including Dill, they are constantly overcoming their fears by going through various rites of passage. Firstly the Finches and Dill they so courage by confronting their fears and by showing how braves they are. Secondly the children obtain maturity due to their social setting at home because Calpurnia andbecause Atticus. Thirdly the children are no longer naïve has the trial has made them lose their ignorance as far as the harsh realities of world are concern. The children initial fear of Boo Radley pales in comparison to the way they react to Bob Ewells attack at the end of the novel, since they have gained experience thought the trial, Ms. Lafayette Dubose, and other life lessons that havegiven to the children their bravery.

The first point to discuss is how Jem, Scout and Dill they so courage by confronting their fears and by showing how braves they are. For example when they are playing the game of the wheel and Scout fall in the entrance of the Radlys place and Jem goes to pick up Scout and the Wheel, he goes running to knock the door and hide in the back of Dills house.Also when Tom Robinson was in jail and Atticus was monitoring in the entrance and Jem was not sure if his father was going to be save and he went with Scout and Dill to the entrance of the jail, there Atticus told to Jem to go home and he stay there showing his bravery. Another example are the constantly fights that Scout has in the school. The first one that she has was with Walter Cunninghambecause he didn’t accept the coin that Scout offered him and the second one was when another guy of the school calls his father nigger-lover. Also she confront their fears when Scout was the only of her class that she knew to read and Miss Stephaney Crawford told her to slow down because the other kids didn’t how to read and she continue reading. Another example is when Calpurnia take the kids to ablack church where all the people there, are black. Ms. Dubose is an old lady that lives in the house of the corner of the street and the only thing that she do is complaining about Jem’s father (because she say that Atticus is a nigger-lover) and Scout (saying to Scout that is an ugly girl and that she dress like a boy). For this reason Jem decide to cut the flowers of her garden because of revengebut Scout tell Atticus what Jem did and Atticus and Jem decided to make a treat. That treat was that he had to go for 2 months to read her Ivanhoe but the kids discover that Ms. Dubose wasn’t a really bad woman.

The second point to make an emphasis is how the children obtain maturity due to their social setting at home. When the mom of Jem and Scout dead the two kids were so smallthat they didn’t remember how the mother was. Otherwise Atticus was staying alone and he decide contract a black made for some reasons. The first one is because Atticus wants the kids to don’t be racist and to accept other persons by no matter the color of the skin; the other reason is that Atticus want a person acting like the mother of the kids, that person is Calpurnia. Also Atticus is alwaysworking because is the best lawyer of Maycomb and he is never at home so the kids doesn’t have enough time to spend with his father. One of the summers Atticus was so busy that he decided to talk with his sister and ask her if she can come to Maycomb to babysit the kids and she say yes, the matter is that Aunt Alexandra doesn’t like Calpurnia and she asks Atticus to fired her but Atticus said no.Otherwise Aunt Alexandra thinks that Scout Dress and act like a boy. Like a side Atticus contract Calpurnia to be the maid of the house and also to be a fake mother. The kids only used to have fun with Dill who is the neighbour of the house of the left that only goes to Maycomb in summer. In one part of the novel Dill steal 13$ to her mother for go to Maycomb and stay with Jem and Scout, also Dill...
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