To kill a mukingbird

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Colegio Brader


Character Journal

Ana Laura Errigo



Jean Louise Finch
Jean is an almost six years old girl who lives in Maycomb duringthe Great Depressions. Everyone calls her by her nickname Scout. She is the narrator and protagonist of the book. Scout lives with her father Atticus Finch, who is alawyer, her four year older brother Jem Finch and her black cook. Her mother died when she was only two so Scout don`t remember her much. But Jem sometimes think abouther and that makes him a little sad.
Every little girl likes to play. Scout meets Dill, a boy who lives next door. Jem, Dill and she played all day long. If they gotbored of playing something they played something else. That’s who Scouts days of summer passed. September arrived an now Scout is old enough to go to school.
Scout isvery intelligent, her father thought her to read before she went to school. Unfortunately her teacher, Miss Caroline didn`t appreciated that. They get along badly.Scout even tells her father that she does not think on going to school again. The law demands that she needs to go to school, but Atticus promised that he will keep readingto her as long as she doesn’t tell her teacher about it. The absence of her mother was the key factor for all her problems in school. She becomes aggressive with theother kid in school and it was hard for her father to help her.

Summer comes again. Dill, Jem and Scout begin their games again. As the summer pass Dill and Jembecome closer friend. As a result Scout feels left out so she stars spending time with one of her neighbors Miss Maudie Atkinson, a childhood friend of Atticus’s brother.
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