Toastmaster speech - second hand gifts

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Second Hand Gifts

My first car… I will always remember it…How exciting!
It was July 2000, and I was proud to own this white Seat Córdoba with low rear suspension. It was like a brand new one,just with 6 years, 90000 kilometers, but it only cost me 6000Euros.
4 years later, with the same enthusiasm, I bought my first condo, again a second hand one.
Who are those of you who had a similarexperience? Which of you bought his first car or first flat second hand? Almost everybody has.
But what if I tell you about other purchases? A piece of furniture, a fridge, a book? Immediately, muchless people has bought that!!
And if I tell you… who has ever bought a gift second hand?

Fellow Toastmasters, have you already bought all your Christmas or 3 kings’ presents? I’m sure you’ve not.So listen to me carefully, I am going to explain to you tonight the benefits of making second hand gifts and after that you will have no doubt that it is a really good idea.
I'm going to give youthree main reasons.

First, entering a Second Hand Web Page you have the opportunity to make a really different gift.
- Why ? Because many articles are no longer available on the regular market butmake fantastic presents like Collection pieces, or items from a limited edition.
Think about the face of surprise of your friend/parent when he opens his package with an old Paul Mc Cartney Vinyl disc!- Also the ideas are unlimited. You can find almost everything. On specialized web sites as SegundaMano there are more than 1 million articles.
On another one: PriceMinister you have almost 30million articles.
Just have a look occasionally, and you could get the right idea! Or if you think about something, try and it will exist second hand.

The next reason that will convince you to buysecond hand is that is really cheap.
In France, this year 6 of 10 people intend to spend less than last year. On the other hand, the same proportion does not intend to reduce his number of gifts.
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