Tobacco effects

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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Lorena Patricia Cruz
Academic English III
Tobacco Effects
Tobacco is a product from the leaves of plants that contains nicotine. Thenicotine
is a drug that produces addiction and dependency, it in excess is harmful and
dangerous to health. They are many effects of the tobacco,I want you to know them and
Many people start smoking because they see other people doing it, they want to feel
that they can or feelbigger and better than others, being part of one group, etc. But the
only thing that they get is damage to their health.
The first and worst effectknown is death, the nicotine cause a short-term increase in
blood pressure from the heart. These tiny problems with time start to grow and developcausing many terrible diseases as cancer.
Another effect from the tobacco in our body is that it can change the way you look by
altering the skin,body, weight and shape. The skin starts to winkle earlier and becomes
dry. Your body becomes thinner in an ugly way.
The tobacco not only affectsyou, it also affects people around you, in many ways. You
make them being ¨passive smokers¨. They can get respiratory infections; they can haveslower lung growth and decreased lung function. They get sick with just being around
In 2003, an estimated 171,900 new cases of lung cancer. Theact of smoking tobacco
now is more common than ever, we are killing ourselves. We cannot continue like this,
make the change, be the change.
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