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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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The celebration began because the people needed friendship, express imagination, play and sharing the joy, revives it.
The carnival began in the Calle Real (Royal Street), when a womanpresents the slogan: “Vivan los blanquitos” (hurray the whiteys!). In the church of Juan Bautista repeating: ¡que vivan los negros y que vivan los blancos! (hurray the blacks and hurray the whites!)the essence conserve it forever in Pasto, exactly in Galeras. The parades began in January 6th, 2008.
The genesis is also rooted in the ritual of the Quillacingas, they´re an agrarian culture, askingprotection for their crops to the moon and the sun.
Whites´ day players, January 2007, gives rise to syncretism Hispanic-religious of the Spanish culture.
Blacks ‘day has been performedspontaneously, mainly between whites and mestizos, because of the scarcity of black Pasto are contrasted for an extroversion, peace and taciturn life. The rules can be breaks and the people release thespirit.
The carnival was a game of blacks “asueto”. It´s originated in Cauca, this region contained Pasto in the past. In 1607 was a slave rebellion in Remedios, Antioquia. The black population inPopayan demanded a day of rest, for be truly free. To preserve the social peace the spanishes granted to this end the January 5th.
The black population began to dance African music and paint the wallswith the slogan Black- White. In 1854 and was played.
But lacking the inclusion of other arts, as the Great Parade of the floats, the comparsas and murgas.
In the mid of the 20th century thecelebration began to be important and acquired fame and corpus, with an urban style. In January 6th, 1926 the students of the University of Nariño choose as his queen to Romelia Ramirez, and they wore partydresses with the regional music. - Whites’ day.
Alfredo Torres and Carlos Martinez Arellano Madroñero, parade organizers, ordered two of the ride to open countryside and no shorts or lazy included...
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