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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Saving a healthy world.
By Julian Guman Zavala(Tocino)

Once upon a time a secret agent named Beacon from the DFO(Delicious Food Organization) was in charge of areally especial mission: To kill Master Pig and for leaving the world in peace before he releases a gas that kills all the healthy foods. So agent Beacon got his gun and went into his Lamborghini Bat.He accerelated to maximum speed before is night.
When he got near to the Pig’s base at night he hid his car in a cave then he took his binoculars and saw that there was too much security so he tookhis gun and shot to all the security guys. Then he went doing that all the way until he got to the headquarter where Master Pig was.
‘ What a surprise Mr. Beacon’-said Pig.
‘This surprise will beover’- said Beacon.
‘HAHAHAHAHA you know you don’t stand a chance against me’- said Pig.
‘Les’t see if you’r right ball of cholesterol’- said Beacon.
Then in that moment Pig stood up and took hissword out,so Beacon threw his gun to the ground and got his hidden bladdles.
Pig attacked first trying to cut Beacon in two pieces but Beacon dodged the attack and puched Pig in the face , Pig got dizzyfrom the punch but he recovered and attack again but this time he injured Beacon in the ribs, Beacon got weak from the attack so he used a teleporting grenade and threw it to himself and Pig.
Theyappear on the top of the Empire State, he got a bit of energy to make another attack he stood up and said – ‘this is the end………FOR YOU!!!!’.
Then he attack Pig , Pig tried to avoid it but he didn’tmade and he received Beacons attack in his heart.While Pig was ding he said – ‘You won’t save the healthy foods the bomb is going to explode in twenty minutes and it is hided.
‘Where is it? You don’twant to fall from here don’t you? – said Beacon.
Pig got scared about falling and said – ‘OK OK it is behind my throne but don’t let me fall’.
After Pig said that, Beacon pushed Pig and Pig fall....
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