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BMW History
BMW's predecessor company was Motorenwerke Rap Gamba, founded in 1913 by Karl Rap. They changed the name in April 1917, first to BMW GmbH (limited company) to end at BMWAG, a year later after its conversion into a corporation. The first general director was Franz Josep Pop, which would retain the post for 20 years. The engineer Max Friz noted in the young company in1917 to develop a jet engine high compression, thanks to which the loss was reduced in the highest performance. This innovation was so successful that BMW received an order for 2,000 engines by theadministration of the Prussian army. On June 17, 1919 reached a record height of 9760 meters with a BMW Ilia. The end of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles seemed to be the final phase ofthe company, as the treaty banning the production for 5 years of aircraft engines, by then the only product of BMW. In 1922 Camillo Castiglioni, main shareholder of the company left the company to goBayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BFW), taking also the rights of the BMW brand.
BFW The company originated from the company Gustav-Otto-Flugzeugwerke, who founded the March 7, 1916 Gustav Otto, son ofNicholas August Otto, inventor of the combustion engine. On March 7, 1916 is considered, the description of the history of the company, as the official date of founding of BMW. With the departure of theBayerische Flugzeugwerke Castiglioni (BFW) would cease to rise to BMW. The company that called until then BMW is now called Süddeutsche Bremsen-AG and after Knorr-Bremse, major industrial company inthe sector of the brakes.
The popular blue and white BMW logo was created when the company was engaged in the manufacture of aircraft engines, symbolizing a rotating propeller on a blue sky,matching the colors of the flag of Bavaria.
A year after the name change in 1923, Max Friz and Martin Atoll developed the first BMW motorcycle, the R32, and sat in these forms the basis for a new...
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