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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were filled and full of happiness. The New Year is here and my goals are BIG! They are all about helping our furry friends. I feel so happy tobe around my dogs and I wish and hope to see many dogs with homes this year! Volunteering for any needs that any animal needs this year is the best New Years goal I have ever made!
Before I go on,THANK YOU for all the holiday wishes and B-Day wishes! Yes, my birthday is in September but somewhere I was told on my site it says otherwise. Somewhere that I can't get to. Still I appreciate all thegreat wishes. So back to the New Year. I tried to take some pics with my dogs recently because I haven't and they're growing so fast. They were all over the place. I feel passionately about lettingthem be themselves. Not forcing them to be still or put them in funny (not to them) positions for the sake of the photo. We see this often lately more and more with the internet. Photos at the sake  ofthe animals for laughs or ooohs and awws. But think about how many cats and dogs cannot get out of the jars or suffer for the photo. I felt my pupps were getting bigger and wanted a keepsake. Althoughthey were all over the place I think the photos (candids) were all the more special. We should be able to view the cuteness of the animals around us but not at the sake of the animals. I know we allwant to adopt our pet from the shelter. I'm on that list too. Yes, I would love another dog. We have to remember each day that goes by and we wait is another day our pet is in that shelter. I'm at mypet limit until I move so when allowed the same day I will get my dog from the shelter. It's a big resposibility and they are lovely. Remember they can be in much need of our attention and us oftheirs. My family and I recently looked at the baby photos of our pupps. My mom took their first poop pics and second and third. Cute! [pic]They are our family. And what a big family we have!
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