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A onetime illustrator, Winslow Homer painted in a careful, clear, accurately detailed, and convincing manner. Homer worked on Breezing Up" at intervals over a period of threeyears. It was the result of intense study, and it grew out of two earlier studies of the scene, a watercolor and a small oil painting.

Sun-bronzed boys in their weather beaten clothes were acommon sight in New England in Homer's time, as were fishermen like the one in the red jacket, shown crouching as he holds the mainsheet. In the rising wind, the boys have positioned themselves tocounter balance the tilt of the boat as it speeds along in a choppy sea. The lad stretched full length by the mast seems oblivious to the spray of the bow waves; the boy beside him, silhouetted againstthe sky, holds onto the coaming. The light that highlights the figures of the sailors also illuminates the scales of the fish in the bottom of the boat. The picture gives us a sense of the pleasure andindependence of sailing.

1. According to the passage, Winslow Homer' style of painting can best be described as
(A) precise (B) complicated (C) abstract (D) amusing

2. According to thepassage, the painting Breezing Up" was the result of
(A) a short burst of inspiration (B) periods of work over several years
(C) three years of continuous work (D) a lifetime of studying thesea

3. For a person viewing the painting in Homer's time, the subjects of the painting would probably seem
(A) silly (B) ambitious (C) bold (D) ordinary

4. The boys in the painting haveassumed their positions to
(A) hold onto the fishing nets (B) enjoy the spray of the waves
(C) prevent the boat from overturning (D) keep the mast in the correct place

5. It can be interredfrom the passage that the title of the painting refers to the
(A) boat's appearance (B) rising wind
(C) boat's angle (D) light's source

6. Where in the passage is Winslow Homer's...
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