Together we can do so much

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Together we can do so much

Once upon a time, all the values of humanity gather to analyze what it is they have done with man kind.

-Well said the communication _ can we star with thismeeting?
- Yes , answered the respect. I would like to star saying that I am getting older than the others, I have no strengths to continue. It hurts so much what is happening with the human race I feellike I am vanighing, they are forgetting me. I am no longer the most important value.

-you are mistaken _said the learning _it’s not all lost there is a lot of people that still wants to get to knowyou. Why giving up?

That is true ;_said the perseverance _,don’t give up! We are here to find a solution for this problem, not to quit.

-On the other side patience adds. I don’t know how to helphumans are made of desperation this days.

- I back that up-said tolerance; humans are the most violent race that ever existed communication is not important any more.
- Excuse me_ saidcommunication _ but I put all my effoit on the human race, but they think are more wise than me.
- A little farther than the other the decence started to cry and said.
- I feel terrible, Ihave to say I don’t exist in any human now but; gave up mostly with the young people, in this group I am the most avoided value.
- I think- said healthy fun, as from today, decence and I shouldwork as a team.
- Ecology stands up and says, I don’t give up, I´m full of faith and I know things are going to get better.
- Compaction come up and with a strong hugh said: you have mysupport I’ll help you get considered and never be destroyed no more.
- Order an objectivity approach at the some time and said: we are working no rest, cause humanity has to consider you. If you olienone of us could survive.

The will rised up and said, the problem is not being noticed people know of us, but they only use us to get things and we are not talking seriously.

Many times envy...
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