Tom sawyer

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Tarea en inglés sobre el libro "Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer" (400 palabras, nivel: basico-5)

The Tom Sawyer’s story is about one child. This child was very bad, his behaviour was terrible, and hispour aunt Polly wants punish him because he always does pranks.

In one occasion he was eating the jam and his aunt looks him, then she wanted punish him, but the child run away, and he elude tohis aunt Polly. She smiled but in her heart she wanted to do the right and punish to her nephew.

Tom also was a lier because when his aunt Polly asked him about the pool, he says that he did not goto the pool, but his brother in law (Sydney) says the true, and Tom run away because did not want that his aunt punish him.

Tom fights with one child, because he thought was very intolerable, andTom won this fight. His aunt order him that paint fence of the garden, and he do not do it, he tell a lie because he says that he do it.

He watch out one girl very pretty, and he fall in love of her,she has blue eyes and hair blonde and he was teach draw to she because their teacher punish him because he bring up too late because in the way he talk whit his friend a long time.

Huck (hisfriend of pranks) says to Tom that escape from his house, he do it. They are going to the cemetery, and they see a doctor’s murder and although they run in this moment for other place they have nightmaresfor one pair of days. Because they decided be pirates and escape of their house with other friend.

They were feeling lonely, and their families were choosing them, and think that the little devilswere die.

When their families know the true, they were happiness. Tom and his friend begin to choose things in the trees and they went to one mysterious house and in this place oh surprise! Theyfind to the killers´ doctor, these criminals had a treasure because they found it in the mysterious house, then Tom and his friend wanted that one treasure.

The killers hide the treasure, but Tom...
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