Tom sawyer

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Name___________________________________________ nota______
1. | They saw the movie last week. |  _________________________the movie last week? |
2. | Anna wrote him a letter. |___________________________ him a letter? |
3. | George and Ilsa had dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday. |  __________________________dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday? |
4. | They got up at7 o'clock to go to work early. |  ___________________________at 7 o'clock to go to work early? |
5. | He bought a new car last year. |  ____________________________a new car last year? |
6. | Iarrived late for class. |  _____________________________late for class? |
7. | It rained all night? |  _________________________-all night? |
8. | We sat near the front. | __________________________________near the front? |
9. | He walked to work yesterday. |  ____________________________to work yesterday? |
10. | She spoke to him about that. |  ___________________________to him about that?|
When Thomas ____________ (to arrive)  home, he _______ (to find) a message pinned on the kitchen board.
“Sorry darling, we’ve had an unexpected call from granny and we’ll spend the night with her. We know you are a good boy and you’ll do your homework and go to bed early. We hope you won’t feel too lonely.Your supper is in the oven. If you want to see the film we were saving for Saturday, you can , of course. The cell phone doesn’t work here  , so if you need something , go to Mrs Berrin. You know sheis very helpful. Kisses, mum.”
Thomas ________ (to be) only 12, but his parents________ (to trust) him and when they ________ (to need) to look after old granny they sometimes _________ (to make)him  spend the night alone. Thomas  was first annoyed at having to eat all alone. Then he__________ (to feel) sad: his parents ________ (not to love) him really, if they _______ (to leave) him all...