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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Tony is boy of 11years old and he wine money by delivering news paperevery morning, and now he has like 300 dollars and he doesn’t know how to spend it.
He doesn’t like the idea of go to grandma Souzahouse, because tony didn’t know any kids where she lives. And he doesn’t like to do things alone. It would be bore for him.
Hethinks that his vacation will be bore as all the last year, that he was going to go 21 days, then he should go with his parents ontheir annual camping trip, finally he should go to his home the rest of the vacations.
The next day he sees a sail boat that cost295$, then Tony runs to his house to say his patterns what he sees. His patterns accords with him but he would have certainconditions.1.he should call grandma for her approval 2.he was going to have sail lessons3. He was going to use a life jacket.
Then, he goes tograndma house but this time he was happy to go with her because he was going to use his new sail boat. Finally, he took sailinglessons with a teacher called Chris. She teach him the words sailor, then she show him the places where there are rock, and Chris make ajoke to Tony she makes Tony believe they where gone to sink so Tony jumps and Chris said him that that he would be terrific.
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