Too hot not handle

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Asignación # 2: Video “Too Hot Not handle”

Opinión de los politicos:

● When you look at Ragweed what we find is that as CO2 increases in the atmosphere that Ragweed grows bigger and it produces a lot more pollen.” “The problem is that as you increase CO2 and as you increase temperature it becomes more harder to kill Ragweed because its more resistance to the airside that you apply. Itdoesn’t mean that you can’t kill it with chemicals you just have to use more chemicals than you have to, to increase the concentration and there is a cost for that, an environmental cost and of course an economical cost.” -Lewis Ziska, Ph. D U.S Department of Agriculture

● “I think the most excited prospect in the near future for ethanol is that we started to use a lot more things that aren’tcorn. You can make ethanol out of anything that has starch or cellulose. Cellulose is things like woodchip or switch grass or Corn Stover. Things that otherwise would have been waste products that people will have to find a way to get rid of, we can pick up and turn it into fuel for our vehicles.” “Every one of them has said that their engines run better and cleaner. I know truckers who will paymore for Biodiesel, every one of them is proud to spend the money for something that’s going to stay here in our countries and for our own folks. Because all of them want to see these things take off and replace our addictions to oil. “- Ron Lamberty American Coalition for Ethanol
● “Why is biodiesel not well known why aren’t people yelling and screaming about biodiesel.”- Willie Nelson Founder,BioWillie Diesel Fuel

● “Coal is critical to the generation of electricity in this country; more than 50% of the electricity regenerate comes with a burning of coal.” “There are some promising technologies on the horizon, but today in a world where your job is to provide affordable electricity at the lowest reasonable price you’ve driven to the old technology because there is no regulation thatwill drive you to the new technology.”- James E. Rogers Chairman and CEO Cinergy Corp.

● “We need to find a way of harmonizing the use of that coal with protecting the planet. We can do both and if we do it we will be able to make progress.”-David Hawkins Director Climate Center Natural Resources Defense Council

● What we need is the leadership of the federal government but you know you cando it in the community and you can do it as a public official and that to me means that we don’t have to accept things the way they are.” “What we found in Portland is that we’ve reduced carbon emissions by 13%, while increasing our workforce by 16%. We give people alternative ways to get to work. We also made traveling in and out of Portland easier on public transportation than privatetransportation. We have flex cards where people can rent a car on the street and use it for a few hours and most of those cars are hybrids. The city actually has a green building policy. If developers and builders want to use public money they’ve got to have certain green building standards or we won’t give them the money. When we do green building it not only helps our environment it helps the economybecause energy efficiency is cheaper.”–Tom Porter Mayer of Portland, Oregon

● “This six building are all sharing their heating, their cooling and their excess energy one way or the other. All that is wonderful in terms of energy conservation, however at the bottom line our energy bills are remarkably remarkably low and it has to do with the fact that we are using recycled energy”- Howard ShapiroCo-op Resident Portland, Oregon

● “One of the first things we had to do was say what’s the worst think we do as it relates to the environment within our business? And its print catalogs.” “There are a lot of environmental changes we’ve made both of them to recycle paper, packaging. And what’s happening is that the result of what we’ve done is actually been in the net saving that amounts to 200...
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