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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Top lawyer’s firms are highly recommended. But at what cost?

I’ve visited with my college mates the highly prestigious law firm Uria Menendez placed at Principe de Vergara St,just in the financial heart of Madrid. Looking at all the nice furniture and listening to the well sound words said by the promoters, it might to be the best employment among the world!When you come in, the first you see is an enormous library which contains a huge law’s books collection. Every top law writer and the whole jurisprudence are included, so you canfeel the study atmosphere from the beginning. After that, you are taken to a big conference room, decorated in a cold way, whereas you feel too small in comparison with the firm.After that, a young pupil started to talk about the law firm’s activity. He introduced us the way of working in his office, which is specialized in commercial & trading law issues. Hewas so keen explaining how satisfactory is to have the opportunity of becoming a trading lawyer, above all because you never do the same tasks, so you can’t feel bored about yourwork.
Some factors such as the high salary that the young pupils could earn, the possibility of going out to a foreign country to work and the high prestige that the Uria trademarkoffers; could bring you to the idea that working in a high lawyer’s firm is the best possibility.
But at what cost? Nobody in the room was thinking about the problems that this sortof job may lay you. In fact, you should be ready for living at the office, because they want you working until a high time late in the evening. So, say goodbye quickly to your family,and be ready to give up your holidays forever if you don’t want to get in trouble!
In brief, you may choose between make a good living and maintain your own life. Good luck!