Tori aoi

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Toori is a teenage boy with droopy pale brown eyes and short brown hair. He wears a modified Musashi Ariadust Academy uniform with an upper garment resembling an overcoat, and hasfeathers adorning his shoulders. Toori also wears a pair of dangling earrings, which are connected to lengths of shiny string that are attached to various parts of his uniform.
PersonalityEditBefitting his popular nickname "Impossible" (不可能男, Fukanou otoko, lit. "Impossible Man"), Toori appears to be an irresponsible leader and a lazy student, often immersed on making dirty jokes and goofingoff rather than acting as a decent leader. On the other hand, while he is often jolly based on his appearance, he can be serious if something unfortunate happens to him or his friends; this doesn'tstop him from reverting to his high-spirited personality, regardless. In spite of his personality, he is beloved by his friends and peers around him.
In reality, Toori is a selfless person who wants tocreate a world where everyone's dreams would come true, a belief that earned him the respect of everyone in Musashi, even those who are much older than him.

The Day Before theProposalEdit
Toori prepares for the day before he expresses his love for P-01s, the poster girl of the Blue Thunder snack shop, and he skips class just to experience playing an eroge for the last time. Thiscauses him to take punishment for from his PE teacher Makiko Oriotorai, which is in fact just the first of many blunders Toori would do within the school day.
While the Musashi docks at Mikawa forsupplies replenishment, he spends the day inside the Musashi setting up a "spirit-hunting" party with his classmates in 3-Plum, and that night, they celebrate the night before Toori's most importantday. However, their celebration was interrupted when they discover the countdown before the destruction of Mikawa, planned by none other by its leader, Lord Motonobu Matsudaira.

Lord Matsudaira's...
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