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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Jazz: the game doesn´t start for another hour and a half, Laurie so there´s plenty of time. We can spray paint our hair green to match our informs. And I’ve got green too! That way our uniforms,socks, cleats, hair and nails will all green and we´ll look totally fearsome! The other team will freak out when they see us running onto the field.
Laurie: okay, let´s do our nails first, so they´ll bedry before the game. Douglas, will you tell us when mom and dad get here? Douglas! Oh, never mind, here come Aaron and lke. Hey, aaron, let us know when mom and dad come back because they have to takeus to our game.
Aaron: um, you may not have noticed, but it´s going to rain. Take a look outside; the sky is black. That’s why we came in.
Ike: the wind´s starting to pick up, too.
Jazz: whoa!Look at the trees in the neighbor´s yard. They´re really getting blown around! But it´s not raining yet, so maybe our game is still on.
I doubt it. Anyway, we´re atuck in the house for now, so let´splay some video games. Hey, nerd- take a hike, its our turn!
Laurie: don’t call my brother a nerd, ike.
Ike: yeah, sure. Say, nerd-o, what video game are you playing?
Doougls: what?
Ike: see, hewasn’t even listening. Douglas, that´s a puzzle video game youre playing, isn’t it? Its time for you to get off, and let aaron and me play something less nerdly, like basketball.
Douglas: nerdly isn’t aword.
Ike: it is now
Laurie: leave him alone, ike, and show a little respect.
Ike: I me showing respect- to the video game system! The poor thing is bored with that nerdly puzzle game.
Aaron: Idon’t want to play right now anyway because it looks like a bad storm is coming.
Ike: you’re not afraid, are you?
Aaron: no, it’s just that ´m the oldest, and whet mom and dad aren’t here, I’mresponsible.
Laurie. Oh, man, here comes the storm. Look at the rain- it’s not falling down- the wind is blowing it sideways!
Douglas: I’m turning on the weather report. Hmm, the tv says ther´es a...
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