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1. What is the name of the boy of the story Hatchet and how old is he? He is Brian and he is thirteen-year old.

2. What happened when Brian threw his hatchet at the porcupine? It hit the wall of the cave and sent out sparks.

3. What things did Brian try to use to start a fire from the sparks? He used dried grass, twigs and even a twenty dollar bill.

4. What other thing did Brianuse to start the fire? He used bark from a birch tree.

5. What happened when Brian was sleeping? He dreams about his father and his friend Terry.

6. What is one important thing that a fire needs? Oxygen, fire needs air.

7. How did Brian called the fire? His New Hungry Friend.

8. What did Brian feel when he threw his hatchet and why? He felt pain in his leg because aporcupine has slapped him with its tail.

9. Who is Hiroki Sugihara? He is the five-year-old son of Mr. Sugihara.

10. What would happen if Mr. Sugihara didn’t help those people? They would die.

11. What did the refugees want? They wanted visas to travel through the Soviet Union to Japan.

12. What did the lesson Passage to Freedom describe? It describes the acts of a Japanese diplomatin Lithuania in 1940 during World War II.

13. When and how many visas did Mr. Sugihara write? He wrote hundreds of visas every day for a month.

14. What happened one early morning in the house of the Sugihara’s family? Hundreds of men, women, and children crowded around the gate.

15. Who were the people that gathered in front of the Sugihara’s family? They were refugees, Jews fromPoland who wanted to escape from Nazy soldiers.

16. What did Mr. Sugihara decide to do after the answer of his government? He decided to disobey his government and write the visas.

17. To give visas, what did Mr. Sugihara need? He needed permission from the Japanese government, but it repeatedly told him “no”.

18. In the story of Amelia Earhart, who is Fred Noonan? He is hernavigator.

19. How many stops did Amelia and Fred make in one month? They made thirty stops on five continents.

20. What did they do at each stop? At each stop they rested, refueled, and sent home reports of their progress.
21. Mention one of the four theories about Amelia’s disappearance? The government says that the plane ran out of gas and crashed at sea.
22. Mention one of the fourtheories about Amelia’s disappearance? Some people think the plane flew off course on purpose to spy on the Japanese.
23. Mention one of the four theories about Amelia’s disappearance? Some think the Japanese took Amelia and Fred prisoner.
24. Mention one of the four theories about Amelia’s disappearance? A few think she survived the war and returned to the United States under a differentname.
25. Where does the story the Girl Who Married the Moon take place? It takes place on an island near Alaska.
26. What did the girls do each night? They go to the beach to watch the Moon rise.
27. What did the two girls have in common? Both fall in love with the Moon and wish to marry him.
28. What did the girls do one night when the Moon approaches them? He tells them he willmarry the one who is the most patient.
29. At his house, what did the moon tell his wife ? Moon tells his wife she can go wherever she wishes, but she must not look in his storeroom.
30. Why did Moon’s wife become bored? Because sometimes, Moon is away working or sleeping for a long time.
31. What does Moon see when she takes a walk on a trail in the sky? She sees people lying face down.They had only one bright eye in the middle of his face. They are the stars.
32. What does Moon find when she decides to go into the storeroom? She finds the pieces of light that Moon wears when he crosses the sky.
33. What happened when Moon tries on a piece of light? It sticks to her face.
34. How did Moon share his job with his wife? The moon carries the pieces of moonlight until the...
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