Torres gemelas

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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The real story
I think about the attack on 11 September, this video totally changed my perspective on these events, and totally surprised me master this type ofplay that realize the American government led by bush, in order to camouflage a interest rates were more important than the lives of his people, first of all,leaving aside what was presented before any such attack, and the fact that these Arabs might be within schools and schools aviation shot.

Another thing that I foundvery interesting was the play with the building number 7, which collapses to a very minor fire, which is not sufficient to collapse, and how it collapses, top down,starting at heart of the structure implies more than it was an accident, but a move to conceal evidence.

And because the nearby buildings that had moresignificant fire did not collapse?
Another thing is that if the engineers say that the towers were designed to receive blows stronger, and if the south tower was thesecond to have impact, it was the first to fall, and also the noise picked up by journalists and firefighters, gives evidence that the building was not collapsed bythe planes, but by detonating disguised, seen in which the when the towers collapsed.
The other question was to be this...
I think this was done to disguise otherintentions, political, economic without the people support the government.
As a first objective fu the oil that was in that country, to own them.
Bush then givesweapons to the Iraqi opposition and creates a civil war, leaving as the last collapse the financial system to invest in their oil.
Brian Andersson Urbano
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