Touching the void

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Summary of the book:
Touching the void


Andrea Natasha Ugarte Guijarro

2012 - 2013

NAME: Andrea Natasha Ugarte Guijarro
Level: 8

Touching the Void


This book is about the true history of two climbers passed in the feat. Their names are Joe Simpsons and his friend Simon.
The story begins when they want toclimb the west face of a mountain called Siula Grande, It is in Peru. Nobody had climbed before. They wanted to be the first to climb it. For this, they had both climbed difficult mountains in other parts of the world.
By the way, Siula Grande is 6344 metres high, and it is so hard, also another danger was the weather, because it could change suddenly. They had practiced before the climb, theirpractice climbs had not been too successful, but they just were thinking in the big day, therefore it was time to eat, drink, and rest before they start their journey up the West Face of Siula Grande.
They started the next morning, it was very cold. Joe followed Simon in the journey, they thought that there was hard, because starting to see the problems, the first one was that the ice was thinand in places there was water under it, for this reason, they had to move slowly, and another problem was the weather, it was getting worse. Sometimes, it was hard to breathe, because the temperature was about -20° C. In that place they were extremely cold, tired and thirsty.
Then, the climbers were glad because they arrived at the summit, the climb up to the top of the mountain was very slow, andwhen were there, they took photographs, in conclusion they were proud of their success.
But, the bad moment was coming, because people say the most of the accidents happen on the way down.
During on the way down Joe fell and broke his leg, a moment later he start to scream in pain. And they were still at about 6000 metres and he felt that he wouldn’t be able to climb with a broken leg.
It’sfor that, they decided to tie their two ropes together, they did it for that Simon helps Joe to climb. At the begging, their plan worked very well, they quickly went down 100 metres, but after that something wasn’t good, while Joe was caught by the rope, Simon's position was unstable, so he had to cut the rope, and Joe fell into space, but he saved.
Simon felt guilty, he thought Joe was dead. WhileJoe tried to survive on the other side. From there, Joe took three days without food and water. Finally Joe could arrive to the tends, and he could see his friend.

Before you read
You can use your dictionary for read these questions.
1. Complete the sentences with these words.

Axe rope boulder camp alley frostbite glacier

a) Youcan tie a rope to a person or thing.
b) You can use an axe to cut things.
c) A camp has tents to sleep in.
d) A glacier is made of ice. It moves very very slowly.
e) You get frostbite when your skin gets very cold. Your skin goes black.
f) A boulder is a big rock.
g) An alley is narrow. It has walls on both sides.

2. Choose the correct word.

a) Go to the bed,John. You look exhausted.
b) I’m tired of winter. I want the snow melt.
c) Help me dig this hole. I want to plant a tree.

3. Choose the best ending

a) If a job is tiring,
* You probably want to rest.
* You probably want to continue.
b) If there is a void,
* There is an empty space.
* There isn’t any space.
c) If there’s a bomb in the shop,
* You leavequickly.
* You stay and look around.

4. Look at the map on pages 4-5. Do you think it will be easy to climb this mountain? Why / Why not?
No, I don’t . I believe that place is too hard to climb, because it has a lot of dangers.

After you read
5. Answer the questions.
a) Why does Joe want to be more like Simon?
Because Simon is a perfect climbing...
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