Tourism in ecuador

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Tourism in Ecuador

We have a lot of nice cities and amazing places in our country, I believe that I know a few of those, but I want to describe every one like a tourist or general information of each one city and places to begin. There is really so much to say about Ecuador that no one could ever cover it all. We are constantly gathering information of this beautiful country and its people'sculture.

The natural world of Ecuador is another one of the many things that attracts people from every corner of the world. In this section we have included things like fauna, flora, climates, and the elevations of major mountains and vulcanos.

Ecuador is known for many things, but one is the incredible diversity of its four regions. I have included specifics on theancient and modern cultures of each region, and some general info too.

Art & Culture
The art and culture of Ecuador is one of, if not the most intriguing aspects of Ecuadorian life. This is a quite extensive section including things from a gallery of art to traditional foods. To preserved colonial architecture to indigenous markets of Ecuador.


January 1.- Ecuadorcelebrates New Years throughout the whole country. Almost of the celebrating happens on the 31st of December when there are a number of interesting traditions including Old Year, the burning of a life-size dummy, to leave the old year behind.

End of February.- Carnaval is one of the most fun celebrations of the year. It starts usually around the second week of February by daily water throwing, whichsometimes can get out of hand. The celebrations end with big parties in almost every corner of Ecuador during the last weekend in February. The base of this event is more of less to go crazy before the restrictions of Lent.

April.- Holy Week in Ecuador is celebrated with a procession, reincarnate the crucafiction of Christ. These ceremonies start with the ending of Lent about 40 days from AshWednesday. There is also a typical soup called Fanesca, with a base of dried cod, and seven different types of grain. And other festival is development in Riobamba by its foundation

May 24.- Battle of Pichincha is celebrated nationally as a flag-raising event. In 1822 General Sucre marched on Quito with a mixed army of Argentine, Peruvian, Colombian and Venezuelan Patriots. Attacking the Royalists,Sucre completed his victory and captured Quito. This led to the independence of Ecuador.

July 24.- The birthday of Simon Bolivar is not one of the most important dates of the year but it´s celebrated in all of Ecuador.  Simon Bolivar was one of South America's most valiant and well known generals.  His victories over the Spaniards gained independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador,Peru, and Venezuela, a very well respected figure. 

July 25.- The founding of "Santiago de Guayaquil" was finalized by Fracisco de Orellana who discovered the Amazon River on this date in 1547. Guayaquil having a very vivid nightlife, this evening is always just a little busier.

August 10.- The independence of the Republic of Ecuador from Spain in 1822, then becoming a part of Gran Colombia afederation made of what are known today as Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. That is why the flags of those three countries are so close.

First two weeks of September.- The Fiesta del Yamor takes place in Otavalo and attracts people from all over the world and is filled with processions, music, dancing, fireworks and the traditional crowning of the Queen`s Party. You can also experience manytraditional dishes and drinks including chicha, an alcoholic drink made of corn or yuca.

October 9.- Independence of Guayaquil was declared by the soldiers and the citizens of Guayaquil on this day in 1820.

October 12.- Known as the day Columbus first landed in the Americas and discovered it, this day is also recognized here as Race Day. This day is to celebrate Hispanic race of the world,...
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