Tourism in santa cruz de la sierra,bolivia

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Tourism in SANTA CRUZ DE LA SIERRA,Bolivia


Santa Cruz of the Saw tropical paradise of Bolivia, a department of exuberant vegetation with enormous extensions of jungle and meadows, located in the oriental part of the Bolivian territory. With a surface of 320.000 square km of which only a third understands(includes) a mountainous region and the rest spreads on the Amazonian plain,located in the oriental region of Bolivia.

Santa Cruz has a climate semi - tropical. The temperatures I mediate they are from 29 to 32 degrees in spring and summer, but also temperatures are registered of more than 40 degrees and fall to 20 or 21 degrees in winter.
Museum Catedrático de Arte Sacro
The museum of the Cathedral has ensued from a historical, artistic and material reallyimpressive wealth. It is the major one of the whole Republic, as for the existence of works of silver and his showcase. There preserves the most former ecclesiastic Bolivian jewel. The custody that a notable neighbor donated to the church in 1603. Liturgical parameters and ancient portraits completamementan the set.
Church of San Andrés
It has a structure of wood of three ships, with eighteencolumns on pedestal of masonry, which they enclose inside a pitchfork of wood. The structure goes forward on the front, creating a portico decorated with fronton of soaked wood, with baroque vegetable(plant) topics. The portico remembers(reminds) distantly the Greek temples, with typical fronton decorated with statues.
Church of San Roque
Constructed on pitchforks of wood, devastated in the shapeof columns azapatadas with capitals of four directions(addresses), the temple has three ships in structure of wood and exterior(foreign) eaves; the cover also is of wood with scissors of couple(par) and knuckles of suspenders. The roof of tiles rests on a studding hurdle. The church was remodelled in the second half of the 19th century, for the Argentine architect Bustamante.
Being acattle and agricultural center of enormous importance, as well as her zone of influence where there work ingenuities that benefit the cotton and the rice and they have installed several sawmills (located to 53 km from the capital) is the population of more rapid growth of Santa Cruz and one of the most beautiful of the department.
Valle Grande
It is a city that still possesses influences of theSpanish lines as for the construction of housings and gowns. It is here where there are realized sales of the different settlers for his(her,your) subsistence by products as(like): soft(smooth) and hard maize(corn), wheat, empanizado (sugar without refining that it(he,she) sells in molds of 12 pounds of weight and that it(he,she) is in use for making unmatured whiskies), fruits, articles of bakedclay, leather, bows, sheeps, dirty persons and oxen.
This region is characterized porlas napas of oil of his (her, your) subsoil (wherefrom the country could be supplied of oil), broad streets, symmetrical houses of simple lines and to great square (seat) with colouring monuments.

Puerto Suárez Is in this population where the exuberant jungle and the lagoon is outlined Caceres, so ifyou enjoy the panoramas, landscapes, the excursions both to lakes and to caverns, he(she) will think that in this population it is adapted for his(her,your) desires.Samaipata
Already in Samaipata one has installed a museum that is assembling(bringing together) archaeological exchequers of great value. Another population who is characterized by his(her,your) variety of landscapes and who the touristcan visit is the population of Warnes
Park " The Sandbank "
The park " The Sandbank ", with her lake and the island, they constitute one of the tourist attractions of Santa Cruz. Designed, on the works of sewer having begun, as reservorio of fluvial waters of the downtown. Lorgio Vaca's mural is worth being outlined in this park.
Zoo Municiapal
A place that it is...
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