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The sex tourism is…

“Travel undertaken primarily or exclusively by men from developed countries, usually to third world countries, for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity, often of an extreme, forbidden, or illegal nature”.
The travel industry dictionary[1].“Travel to a foreign country where the laws on sex or prostitution are liberal, in order to have sex”

Mc Millan Dictionary[2].

“Sex tourism can be defined as tourism for which the main puropose or mativation is to consummate commercial sexual relations.”
Graburn, 1983; Hall, 1991a[3].

“An individual is interested in sexual adventures, but the person is not necessarily attracted to geographical characteristics of the area visited. This is therefore a visit with the purpose of having sexual encounters –with people below the age of 18 as well, which is intolerable from our moral and legal point of view, but it turns out to be a market niche abroad”[4].
The Female Sex Tourism…

“Female sex tourism is travel by women, partially or fully for the purpose of having sex. The practice differs from male sex tourism in that women do not typically use the structures of the sexindustry (e.g. strip clubs, sex shows and organised tours) to meet foreign partners. Women's trips may be referred to as "romance tourism." They typically involve sex with locals from the holiday destination country, as opposed to sex with other tourists”.
The Child Sex Tourism…

“Child sex tourism is a travel to a foreign country for the purpose of engaging in commercially facilitated childsexual abuse.”
The Sex Tour…

“A tour to a destination where sexual services are available to tourists”[5].


Some people go to Florida to snorkel and windsurf. Some take cruises because they like the free buffets. And some people go on more exclusive vacations to partake in other "festivities." Sex tourism has been around for manyyears. And while most instances mentioned in the media involve illegal child trafficking, the "industry" is actually a lot more elaborate than the average tourist might assume. Indeed, vacations (especially to sunny, exotic locales) are typically filled with impressions of steamy rendezvous. But in some places in the world, these instances are more than just haphazard romantic encounters; they are away of life. 


It wasn't necessarily a coincidence that "Stella" decided on a trek to Jamaica in order to get her groove back. The festive climate of the country lends itself to a sexy, party atmosphere. After all, it is home to the all-inclusiveHedonism resorts. In fact, some of the black female tourists seeking extracurricular fun have been nicknamed "Stellas" (after TerryMcMillan's 1998 novel.) In short, the relationship between tourist and native in these parts (especially for women) is less about exchanging services for cash—but rather providing a fantasy in exchange for a potentially better life. The women seek adventure and romantic companionship. And in exchange for a much needed ego boost, they kindly offer gifts, trinkets, or even meals and drinks. This kind ofarrangement was also featured in the 2005 film, Heading South—only this movie focused on three women who in the 1970's, travel to Haiti to dally with the poor, young Haitian boys. 


Thailand is perhaps one of the most famous destinations where a good percentage of tourist money is spent on the sex trade. The country, also known as "The Land of Smiles" is notorious for being a placewhere "free love" is bought and sold openly. However, in Southeast Asia, the massage parlors lining the streets are nothing more than fronts for thriving prostitution. Unlike many of the massage parlors in the United States, these businesses often populate their staff with unwilling victims of human trafficking. The fact that prostitution is illegal, but "tolerated" (and...
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