Tourist activities in durango, mex., parque nacional el tecuan and antigua hacienda de otinapa

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Tourist Activities in Durango, Mex:
• Ecotourism:
• Mountain biking
• rappelling
• kayaking
• rappelling
• Hiking
• Canyoneering
• Camps
• Spas
• Cycling
• Boating
• Recreational Fishing
• Boating
• Visit historic sites and interest
Tourist Attractions:
* Canatlan: Mission Sauceda, volcanic calderas de Flores Magon, Lagoon Santiaguillo
* Ciudad Lerdo: Central Square, ExHacienda La Loma,
* Durango: Cathedral Basilica, Plaza de Armas, temples, theaters, plazas, parks, gardens, Villa del Oeste, Durango Cultural Institute, trolley ride, Film Chupaderos Poblado, Guadiana Park, Park Sahuatoba.
* Gomez Palacio: The House of the Rock
* Mapimí: Grotto of the Rosary, St. James Parish, Zone of Silence, Bridge Ojuela
* New Ideal: Colony Mennonites
* Ocampo: Ex HaciendaCanutillo
* Pedriceña and Coatillos: Chapel
* Pueblo Nuevo: The Jump
* Papasquiaro Santiago: Santiago Papasquiaro Mission, Paradise of San Diego, San dieto Tezains,
* Sierra Madre: El Salto, Sites of Durango Mazatlan Highway 40, The Devil's Backbone, Mexiquillo, Puentecillas, Broken Window, Jump Piaxtla, Baluarte, San Diego, Mezquital
* Súchil: Parish of the Immaculate Conception
*Tepehuanes: Santa Catarina
* Vicente Guerrero: Temple of San Antonio de Padua,
* Villa of Name of God: Hacienda de San Antonio de Juana War, Waterfalls The Hops Spot, Chapel of St. Jerome in the watercress, Chapel of the Immaculate Conception Church of Jesus of Nazareth
Civil Buildings:
Durango: Old Train Station, Palace Zambrano, currently the Government Palace, Palacio del Conde Súchil Valley,Rector of the Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango (UJED) Escárzaga Palace or Palacio Municipal, Archbishop, Rose Building , Ricardo Castro Theatre.
Pre-Hispanic City La Forge.
Regional Museum of Durango, Durango Archeology Museum "Ganot-Peschard", Museum of Popular Culture, Episcopal Cathedral Gallery, Cultural Institute of the State of Durango (ICED), Museum ofCinema "Rafael Trujillo," Museum of the Revolution "General Domingo Arrieta ", Museum of Archaeology, the State Art Gallery.
Urban Parks and Squares
Plaza de Armas, Plaza IV Centenario, Plazuela Baca Ortiz, malls, Guadiana Park, Zoo Sahuatoba.
Sites, Places, Ecological and Adventure Parks:
Grutas del Rosario, Guadalupe Victoria Dam, Otinapa Park, Refugio Tecuán Verde, Sierra Durangueña,Puentecillas, Mexiquillo, the Palmito dam, Presa Francisco Zarco, Zone of Silence, Desert enigma. Sierra of India, Bridge Ojuela Pedriceña and Coatillos. Ideal for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping and horseback riding.
Balneario San Juan (Hot Springs)
Aquarius Palace spa
Balneario Playa Dalila
Joy Spa
Crafts: rattan cane, mesquite root, rattan, reed, sotol, tule,soyate, willow, poplar and lechugilla, with which made bags, mats, baskets, hats and decorative objects.
Pottery: pots, jars, pots and clay pots. Bags, wallets, belts, cigarette, bags, boots and saddles. Ceramics and glass art work.
Handicrafts: hats, bags, backpacks, bracelet and beaded ornaments, wood and clay. Handicrafts of Tepehuanes: bows, arrows, hats, wool blankets and woven baskets.Tarahumara handicrafts: pottery, arches, stone-tipped arrows, flutes and drums.
Cachetadas Durangueñas, Caldillo Durangueño, Patoles, Cheese, marinated meat;
Beverages: Mezcal, Sotol
Candy: Caramel, candied fruit, Dulce de Leche, Canned Fruit, Sweet Almond
Durango Interesting Facts:
* The official name of the capital city of Durango is Victoria in honor of Guadalupe Victoria, firstpresident of Mexico, a native of that city.
* The Laguna Region, located between the states of Coahuila and Durango is one of the most prosperous regions of Mexico. Its name is due to more than a hundred years ago there were thirteen lakes fed by rivers and Aguanaval Nazas, considered the largest of Latin America, including the most important: The Laguna del Mayran.
* The Sierra de La India owes...
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