Trabajando con auras y chacras

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Working With Auras and Chakras

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Auras: The Energy of Life
Auras from hands indicate mood and health I have seen auras my entire life. I remember feeling surprised and confused when I first learned that not everyone is able to see auras. This sense of bewilderment led me to search for clues at an early age as to what the exact natureof the aura really is. My research encompassed eastern philosophy, biology, Jungian psychology, electromagnetism, metaphysics, new age spiritualism and a host of other material which served to shed some light on the phenomena of auras but which didn’t quite match what I observed with my own eyes. I do not mean to imply that other interpretations of auras are wrong or right, only that they are notexactly matched to what I have witnessed personally. It has been my personal observations of auras which have led to the conclusions that I now share with you. First let me describe, as best as possible, what it is that I see when referring to auras. Later, I will offer my thoughts regarding the nature of auras. I see a vibration upon the surface of objects consisting of multiple colors that seemsto resonate based on how much energy the particular object is releasing or reflecting. Note how I have used the word objects. The auras that I see surround everything, living or not. I have noticed that the aura of people changes based on moods and health. Particular areas of the body seem to be more likely to manifest a change in aura than others. Hands, face and forehead specifically, seem tooffer an indication of general mood and health. The aura vibrates more intensely and appears either Orange or red in overall color when a person is ill or suffering some pain. I have observed a purplish hue in the aura of people suffering from Migraine Headaches as well as Depression. This purplish color is usually seen in the area of the temples or at the brow-line, but I have also noticed itsurrounding the hands and feet of depressed people. The color and size of the aura changes in people during various emotional states. By size I am referring to the distance that the aura spreads out from the body. People in an agitated or angry mood have an aura that appears chaotic and usually Orange/red in color. I have also seen changes in aura colors before, during and after Meditation. The airsurrounding people has an aura itself, and the aura of a person interacts with the aura of the air surrounding them, it’s sometimes impossible to determine where the human aura begins and where the air aura ends. The color of an object has an effect on the aura that it creates. Lighter colored objects seem to reflect aura energy and darker objects seem to absorb it. Primary colors create an aura...
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