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1. There are many implications in the management of management policies that we could observe:
Potential Ability of Contributors .- One of themajor problems facing businesses today is not knowing exactly the potential of its staff, available, which can be a limiting condition for the development and their growth.
The socio-culturalaspects of Contributor .- The sociocultural context affects businesses in different ways.  One is through the actions and expectations of its partners, which bring a variety of backgrounds, values and influences. Thereare partners with or without a vocation of service, pessimistic, optimistic, submissive, and others just want to send their complexity and do not perform actions for the development of the company.Analysis of expected increases or reductions in administrative units .- should be scrutinized  staff who will be responsible for other people and how to fill the vacancies open.
Lack of propermanagement .- Finally there is a lack of impairment of companies to employees, by not setting goals ans personal policies, resulting in a lack of interest or motivation and low productivity or performanceof employees.
2. Comparison with your own professional experience.
Sometime ago, I happened to competing for a place of management assistance in a major insurance company in my country, and ithappened that I reached the final selection , but I could not stay in the vacancy , because he was assigned to a manager’s nephew bank , a friend of the coach at that moment.
3. Thoughts inspiredby the movie to be analized.
Discrimination is a way of excluding a person's fundamental rights, whether at work or in any way, goes against human development.
Failure tohave a motivation to aspire to a higher position within an organization reduces the competitiveness of a worker.
Failure to compete against someone of another skin color or less in age is a factor that does not help the...