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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Colegio de Educación Profesional Técnica

Luis Alberto Mendoza Laguna

Comunicación especializada en ingles


Docente: Juan Manuel Ríos Rojas


regulation of anemployee:
Leer fonéticamente

1.- To appear to the place of work, I list to work, at the normal hour of beginning of the day.
2.- Not to damage, to destroy or to stealintentionally goods of his companions of work or of the company.
3.-Not to fight, to do heavy jokes or to have scandalous conducts.
4.- To accept the instructions of a supervisor.
5.-Not to leave hisworking station (except for personal reasonable needs) with the permission of his supervisor.
6.-To overlook the labor obligations during the working hours.
7.-Not to appear to the work under theinfluence of alcohol or drugs, or to ic drinks or you drug to the property of the company.
8.-Not to give intentionally false or deceitful information to obtain an employment or permission to stayaway.
9.- Not to use menacing or offensive language on having gone to a companion of work.
10.-Not to mark the card of assistance of another employee or to forge any record.
11.-Not to smoke inbreach of the established politics or to infringe other rules of prevention of fires.
12.- Not to infringe intentionally or habitually the safety regulations and hygiene.
13.-Not to be late orto stay away of the work unjustibiably.
14.- To take care adequately, to disregard or to ill-treat the equipments and tools of the company.
15.- To use the equipments of the company in authorizedform.
16.-Not to possess firearms or weapon of any type in the property of the company.

Regulation of the leaders:

1.-Respect the right time for both input and output.

2.-Keep work area clean.3.-Improving employee productivity.

4 .- Direct the appropriate working group.

5.-Do not discriminate against members of the team.

6.-Develop optimal use of resources.

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