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British Royal School
English Dpt
Miss Marta Garcia

Stress is a global epidemic?

Students: Renzo Evangelista
Felipe IbarClass: III°A

Teacher: Miss Marta Garcia

Date: 5th July 2011

Stress is a medical phenomenon that affects people around the globeby manifesting in different ways and due to several reasons, the causes and consequences of suffering from stress could threat your lifestyles in a social way, because suffering from this disease can lead you to changes of mood, physical disturbances and a constant state of tiredness.

This research deals with the stress.
Our research question is “what does stress produce in people” and thehypothesis to be proved is “stress leads to a non-capacity of adapting in society”.
This topic is relevant because stress is a disease or condition that is affecting people worldwide and is more common every day everywhere. We chose this topic because we think that stress affects every single person in the world and it is an interesting topic to research and study so that we can manage or only knowabout it.
The objectives of this paper are to improve our language and vocabulary, through the writing and speaking skills. Also we are going to improve our knowledge towards stress and who is this phenomenon about based on the analysis and search of the information so that we can develop it in a right way.
Through the info gathered in the research in the web and various sources, we elaborated asummary of the most relevant info in cards that helped us to prove or disapprove our stated hypothesis.

To start our investigation we have to insert us in the general or main picture according to stress defining what it is and how it manifests in people and how can in long terms, produce a withdrawal from society.
Firstly, the definition of stress is a physical, mental or emotional responseto events that cause body and mind tension.
Stress affects the body in a physical way, the most common symptoms that present in our body through headaches and muscular tension, generally speaking is when the body suffers from disturbances in many ways towards the stressful situation.
Emotionally speaking, stress affects your mind. There are several cases where you have a depression, anger,anxiety and frustration between others. These cases can lead you to over react against everyday problems in a negative way, loss of your memory and develop a lack of focus and concentration.
Psychologically speaking most of the time, realizing the source of stress and changing the perception towards the situation is enough to successfully rectify the mental effects of stress. It is well known thatunresolved emotional stress can translate into mental miseries and then into physical illnesses.
We also have the behavioral stress which is the one that changes the way in which the person acts and behaves when under the influence of stress. The continuous releases of hormones keep the body in a highly tensed state for a long period of time, leading to irritability, anger, worry and sometimeanxiety.
Those types of stress are the ones that affect the body in a bad way because there is a stress called the “good” stress which it is not constantly mentioned because people tend to focus in the bad things. This stress is technically called Eustress which is the type of stress that has a good effect on you, because it produces in you a feeling of fulfillment and it creates the excitement...
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