(Trabajo de ingles) diario de mi viaje

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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My wild guide in motor home through Europe


Hi I’m Ignacio, I’m 23 years old and I live in St.susanna (Barcelona, Spain).
At the end of 2008 I started my little dream. To startmy dream I needed a motor home and I started looking for it. When I bought it was dirty old and broken. I started to repair and clean it. At the end of year 2009 the motor home was ready to start thetrip...In my motor home I have two beds a bathroom a fridge and cooker. I had everything to live for a long time everywhere.

(First stage)France, Britain

The first stage started in Barcelona on10 th February 2010, Barcelona to London. This week was worst to start the weather was bad because it was snowing a lot of in Montpellier(France) the trip was hard to arrive to Paris because the roadwas full of snow and I it took me two days to arrive in Paris. In Paris I was slept in Saint Germain it’s a town near to Paris and it’s nice and secure. The next day I arrived in Calais and I took theferry to go to Britain. And in one hour I arrived in Dover (Britain).In three hours at reached Wembley (London).

(Second stage)Three months in Britain…
My first stage in Britain wasWembley(London) I went there because I had a friend living there in a big house with a big garden, I put my van in the garden and I lived there .But in the house of my friend Maria lived four people more and theydon’t likes stayed in his garden. But in a week we started to empathize. Really I had a lot of lucky because in London is so difficult look any site for sleep in the van, all parking’s there are payfor stay one day or more. And the camping’s far of the city and expensive. In Wembley I met a lot of people for other countries, Pakistan, Poland, morocco …This is an interesting place for live. Londonis multiracial and a big city are eleven millions of people living.
Is interesting knows if you go to London in a car or van in the center are some traffic restrictions eight in the morning to six...
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