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1. She is in the house.

2. The dog and the cat are in the garden.

3. The woman is behind a tree.

4. I am Kevin.

5. Carol and I are friends.

6. It is black.

7. My name is Bob.

8. They are nice girls.

9. The children are in the shop.

10. He is a teacher.

11. We are hungry.

12. Mrs Dixon is funny and nice.

13. I am twelve years old.

14. Jim andCathy are at school.

15. The elephants are tired.


1. They hear a terrifying noise.
what do they hear?
2. The dog goes over to the children.
where does the dog go?
3.They wrote down the address.
what did they write down?
4.They look at our flowers and vegetables.
What do they look at?
5. Andy did his homework very quickly.
how did andy do his homework?6. My mum pays for the ticket.
who pays for the ticket?
7. He kicked the ball high into the air.
where did he kick the ball?
8. They had cameras.
what did they have?
9. Andy saw a fine sports car.
who saw a fine sports car?
10. He ate an apple.
what did he eat?
11. This flower smells great.
how does this flower smell?
12. He repaired everything carefully.
how did he repaireverything?
13. Tom lived in Chicago.
where did Tom live?
14. He drank some lemonade.
what did he drink?
15. They stayed for two days.
how long did they stay?


1 If I have enough money, I will buy a new skateboard. (have)

2 If you help your mother, she will be very happy. (be)

3 If Mary helps (help) in the kitchen, she will get more pocket money.

4 She will beangry if you don't tell the truth. (not tell)

5 You will have to walk if you miss the bus. (miss)

6 If Tom is at home, he will watch TV. (watch)

7 The baby will sleep if you are more quiet. (sleep)

8 If he is in San Francisco, he will see Golden Gate Bridge. (see)

9 He will go to the doctor's if he doesn't feel well tomorrow. (go)

10 We will not get good marks if we don'tlearn. (not get)

11 I will travel to the USA if I have enough money. (travel)

12 If they buy a car they will drive to Italy. (buy)

13 If I work harder I will pass the exam. (pass)

14 If he sells his car he won't get much money for it. (sell)

15 If he tells me the truth I will be glad. (be)


1. If I was offered the job, I think I would take (take) it.

2.If she was (be) hungry, she would eat something.

3. If he studied, he would pass (pass) the exam.

4. I would send (send) you a postcard, if I had your address.

5. What would happen (happen), if you didn´t go to work tomorrow?

6. If she has enough money, she will buy (buy) a new car.

7. What will John do, if he does not get (not get) the job?

8. She would be terribly upset, if Ilost (lose) her ring.

9. Many people would be out of work, if the factory closed (close) down.

10. What would you do, if you were (be) the president of your country?

11. If he hurried, he would catch (catch) the train.

12. If he has (have) time, he will come.

13. He rang (ring) the bell, the waiter would come.

14. If I have some money I will buy (buy) a new car.

15. If I work(work) harder I will pass the


1 When I was walking to school I saw John. (walk/see)

2 When I was helping in the kitchen Mary came. (help/come)

3 While she was cooking the soup the children were playing. (cook/play)

4 While they were playing cards the baby was sleeping. (play/sleep)

5 When I was working in the garden my uncle called. (work/call)

6Carol was watching TV while Bob and Peter were playing football. (watch/play)

7 When she was washing her hair the baby began to cry. (wash/begin)

8 A strong wind was blowing when the plane landed. (blow/land)

9 When she was playing tennis it began to rain. (play/began)

10 When I was watching TV the lights went out. (watch/go)

11 While he was playing the piano she was listening to him....
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