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1. Escribe la pregunta y responde afirmativa y negativa mente (Present)

1. (It Start) to rain? / Is it starting to rain? / It starting is to rain / It starting is not to rain
2. (Sue study) to become a doctor? / are Sue studing to become a doctor? / Sue studing are to become a doctor / Sue studing are not to become a doctor
3. (You take) your daughter with you? / are you taking yourdaughter with you? / you are taking your daughter with you / you are not taking your daughter with you
4. (The dog play) with the kids? / is the dog playing with the kids? / the dog is playing with the kids / the dog is not playing with the kids
5. (They come) tonight? / Are they coming tonight? / they are coming tonight / they are not coming tonight

2. Escribe el verbo con Ing.
1. Share------sharing
2. Tidy --------Didying
3. Shut -------Shutting
4. Dial --------Dialing
5. Lie ---------Lying
6. Phone ----Phoning
7. Fly ---------Flying
8. Swim ------Swimming
9. Chat -------Chatting
10. Die ---------Dying
3. Completa la tabla en pasado progresivo
Positive Negative Question
They were chatting They were not chatting Were They chatting?
The couple Was kissing Thecouple Was not kissing Was the couple kissing?
I new were complaining I new were not complaining Were I new complaining
It was getting dark It was not getting dark Was It getting dark?
Bob was studing Bob was not studing Was Bob studing?
He was shouting He was not shouting Was He shouting?
They were talking They were not talking Were They talking?
you were reading you were not reading Were youreading?
Brad was waiting Brad was not waiting Was Brad waiting?
Diana was laughing Diana was not laughing Was Diana laughing

4. Escribe WAS o WERE
1. The pirates were fighting for the treasure.
2. We were discussing the problem.
3. The candle was burning.
4. The cat was chasing the mice.
5. The mice were running away from the cat.
6. I was having dinner.
7. You were rushing down thestreet.
8. The birds were sitting in the tree.
9. The teacher was pointing to the board.
10. The water were dripping on the floor

6. Escribe la pregunta y responde afirmativa y negativamente (Past)

1. Jill / dance =
R/= Was Jill Dancing? / Jill was dancing / Jill was not dancing
2. Your cousins / swim / in the lake =
R/= were yours cousins swimming in the lake? / Yours cousins wereswimming in the lake / yours cousins were not swimming in the lake
3. The student / answer / a question =
R/= was the student answering a question / the student Was answering a question / the student Was not answering a question
4. William / play / the guitar =
R/= Was William playing the guitar / William was playing the guitar / William was not playing the guitar
5. Janet / sit / on thebench =
R/=Was Janet sitting on the bench / Janet was sitting on the bench / Janet was not sitting on the bench
6. Responde afirmativa y negativemente
1. Is he watching a movie?
R/=He is watching a movie / He is not watching a movie
2. Are they cleaning a car?
R/= they are cleaning a car / they are not cleaning a car
3. Are you studing for the test?
R/= you are studing for the test / youare not studing for the test
4. Are they in London?
R/=they are in London / they are not in London
5. Is she visiting her mother?
R/= she is visiting her mother / she is not visiting her mother
6. Is Marcela playing soccer?
R/= Marcela is playing soccer / Marcela is not playing soccer
7. Are they helping people?
R/= they are helping people / they are not helping people
8. Are you workingout?
R/= you are working out / you are not working out

9. Is the teacher checking the homework?
R/= the teacher is checking the homework / the teacher is not checking the homework
10. Are we living in Europe?
R/= we are living in Europe / we are not living in Europe

• Demostrative adjectives: this, that, these, those.
• Going to.
• Describing animals.

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